Anthology off the port bow! Cutthroats & Curses

Ahoy, swashbucklers, you need tarry no longer, for Cutthroats & Curses: an Anthology of Pirates is out now and just itching to shiver your timbers.

8 the full monty

What’s that I see on the cover? A dragon? And look! A web-fingered denizen of the oceans! A cool-as-fuck female pirate! And treasure, and tropical islands, and hey – could that book be a map wherein X marks the spot? Be excited, you swabs, for the stories collected herein play fast and loose with their uniting theme of piracy, and will take you on a voyage to places beyond your salty imagination.

Featuring ten of the finest indie writers around –Lisa Shambrook, Boyd Miles, Marissa Ames, Bryan Taylor, Beth Avery, Matt Jameson, Eric Martell, Michael Walker, Stephen Coltrane, and Alex Brightsmith and me, this treasure will delight everyone.

Buy it now for your Kindle at Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon Japan… oh you get the drift.

The cover was created by the wonderfully talented Kit Cooper, who also drew the cover for Soul of the Universe. You can buy beautiful Kit Cooper items here.

skull and crossbones

And, before you landlubbers leave, check out The Anthology Club‘s excellent debut release ‘Soul of the Universe’ :

5 SotU72logo websized‘This collection was absolutely breathtaking, and has introduced me to some new genres I wasn’t overly familiar with, and showed the extraordinary range of writing styles that all bring their own meaning to a story.’


‘Soul of the Universe is a collection of stunning short stories that can leave you smiling, crying or just in a state of wonder.’


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