Get your shorts on – anthologies open for submissions

ACLogo_Small_GreenWith two successful collections already on the shelves, the music-inspired Soul of the Universe and piratical Cutthroats and Curses, Anthology Club has already established itself as a reliable publisher of stonkingly good anthologies. Contributing authors receive a share of any profits.

Sound like a good deal? Fancy submitting a short story yourself? Listed below are nine Anthology Club collections that are currently open for submissions, together with their required word count and deadline. You’ll find much more detail on the Anthology Club website so click through and get writing. I’ve already got a dragon tale and a summer short up, and am working on something for the Autumn anthology now. Come and join the happy throng.

DragonDragonthology, 4k-16k words, no hard deadline as yet.

  • A collection of shorts that reimagines dragons. Genre mash-ups more than welcome.

Shakespeare in Life, 5k-10k, no hard deadline as yet.

  • A fluid theme, but stories that touch on Shakespeare in some way. Quite how is up to you.

Autumnal Anthology, 300-3k, August 20th.

  • The theme is autumn (fall) and endings. There is no limitation on genre.

Western Tales, 6k-8k, September 15th.

  • Stories that update the Western. Genre mash-ups more than welcome.

Descent into Darkness, 4k-10k, September 15th.

  • Tales that centre around someone losing their mind. Unnerving rather than gory.

SnowberriesWinter Anthology, 300-3k, November 1st.

  • Stories with a theme of winter, and stasis. Any genre welcome.

Wish You Were Here, 5k-10k, December.

  • Tales that involve one character missing another.

Spring anthology, 300-3k, February 20th 2015.

  • Stories concerning spring and rebirth. Any genre.

The Shell CollectorSummer Shorts, 300-3k, spring 2015 (probably).

  • A collection of summery reads.

About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. Actually, it isn’t once a books costs are covered. Royalties are shared from the moment any are earned. You haven’t received any yet because they are paid quarterly, and only when more than $10. Soul of the Universe was released right at the tail end of the only quarter to have been paid so far, and it didn’t earn enough before the cutoff for anyone to be over the $10 threshold. Rest assured you’ll be receiving some cash for the next quarter – that would be in September..


  2. I knew that really. I typed this up while half asleep. I’ll amend the post. Thanks, Mike.


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