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#SUNDAYPIX 31st August 2014

Yes, it’s back! And yes, I meant to write this post a few days ago (it’s not too late for me to play the jetlag card still, is it?) Anyway, you know the form. Possibly. For those who don’t – each Sunday, you post a photograph on a theme that I will set, and include in your tweet the hashtag #SUNDAYPIX. Then comment on other people’s pics using the same hashtag. And that’s it. Weekly themes will sometimes be easy to photograph, but will often involve some thought, imagination and creativity. For this first new outing, though, just to get you all warmed up, I have decided to visit an easy-to-photograph classic of the past:

That’s My Fridge!

Dscf1085[4]In its previous incarnations, #SUNDAYPIX livened Sundays up no end, and became incredibly popular. In fact, that popularity was the very reason that I stopped posting the weekly themes. With so many people taking part, writing the blogs (so that everyone could see all your photos in one place) was taking me forever, and sapped my will to exist. Now, though, I have discovered Twubs, and you will be able to follow all the fun simply by following THIS PAGE (actually, that seems not to be working at the moment, so for now just give yourself a column devoted to the hashtag). All tweets that use the hashtag will appear there, including my usually sarcastic offerings. And I haven’t decorated in there yet, so don’t diss the page layout. PROVISO – Twubs won’t capture from protected accounts, so if you are padlocked & still want to take part do alert me so that I can RT your pic from my own account.

So hide the mouldy cheese and the severed head, take your photo, and post it on Sunday 31st. Remember to include the hashtag #SUNDAYPIX.

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