Blogging our recent US trip day by day, four weeks after the event.

Saturday 16th August – All the boats

DSCF3231Saturday began gently with Mary helping Barry in his tiny garden patch out front, the dogs helping. We discovered a large spider, yellow and black, hanging head down on its fine web. Although it looked deadly, a quick internet search by Mary showed that it was a harmless American Garden Spider. To one side of the garden stands a row of green bushes which bear purple sand plums. They are tasty indeed. Lady (or was it Sam?) enjoyed eating them.

IMG_626445457576In the afternoon, another sunny, cloudless one full of heat, we to American Creek Campground in Chamberlain for the town fair. There were rows of vintage cars, polished and shining. I’m not an auto fan, but some of those vehicles were simply beautiful. Further, there were craft stalls, stalls selling bric-a-brac and rustic fabrications. I mean like birdhouses made out of orange boxes, that sort of thing. Well what would you call it if not ‘rustic fabrications’? There were food stalls selling hot dogs, popcorn, peached beans (whatever they are) and pixy sticks (ditto).

DSCF3269We took a trip out onto the river, riding out there on an IRB – an ‘Improved Ribbon Bridge’ – crewed by the National Guard. What a fascinating machine, if that’s the right word – a floating roadway powered by two attached launches, one on either side. The drivers (is that what you’d call someone steering a launch?) were directed by a feller standing in the middle and waving his arms about. The lifejackets (I grabbed a Small one rather than Large since there was no sorting of the pile) were very warm. I pity the person who put on the one I wore after me. A hot dog, much tastier than I was used to from UK hot dogs, and a chilled pink lemonade were deliciously refreshing afterwards.

DSCN0643A relaxed late afternoon, watching both Rotherham and Bury win via Twitter, was followed by a trip out onto the Missouri aboard J&B’s speedboat. This was a simply glorious outing. Sun-sparkling water, warm wind in our hair as we skimmed across this famous river, I simply loved it. We passed beneath the bridges heading down-river. The banks were interesting, layers of different rock contrasting in the cliff faces, narrow tree-packed valleys cutting back into the green landscape. The wind blew Janine’s eye-shade off and we had fun circling back to get it. Back at the dock, Mary and I paddled our feet in the Missouri. We couldn’t leave America without having done that.

DSCN0672In the evening, as usual, out on the Grasshopper with Ranger. Barry and I took some time loading an enormous tree stump onto the back to bring it back to decorate the garden.




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  1. You are so good at describing stuff. Love the spider!


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