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YSP Tweetup 2015

IMG_4997Okeydokesteroonie. The Fifth Annual Wombat Anniversary YSP Tweetup will take place on Saturday 20th June 2015 at, surprise, Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Already a fair number of you have said you’ll be there, and some of you are planning to make very long journeys indeed (hello, Lotte!). Here’s a few things.

Where is YSP?

YSP is just off the M1 junction 38. The best postcode for your Sat Nav is WF4 4JX. The 96 bus comes directly to YSP from Barnsley and Wakefield. Visit for bus timetables.

What time are we meeting?

Meet between 10 and 10:30 near the main car park, by the entrance to the main building (check the map down below). If it’s chucking it down, you could always pop inside.

DSCF1569What’s the car parking like?

Admission to YSP (a charity) is free. The parking fees keep the place going. Car Parking is £8. You pay by machine that takes cards or cash, and asks for your car registration number. Motorbikes are free. The car park is HUGE and everyone will fit in.

What about food, Wombie?

Bring picnic food & drink, for we will PICNIC BABY! Also for the fun that is swapping food. Alternatively, there’s both a restaurant and a café. Tap water is available free.

Will you sign my boobs?

Damn yes.

Sorry, I meant books. If I bring your books, will you sign those?

Oh books. Oh… OK then, bring them along. hh

Is there anything else?

If you’re up for it, bring a hula hoop and we’ll have a go together! I’ll have mine, at which I am USELESS, and at least two other people (hi, Lotte and Dinks!) are bringing theirs. Otherwise, um, just let’s have fun! We usually manage that without trying. We don’t have to stick together the whole day, of course, but I hope we can at least get a big team photo of the whole company as on previous occasions.


ysp annotated[2][2]How about a map of YSP?

Here you go. Click it to see a much larger version.

And CLICK HERE to visit the YSP site – there’s more information there than you could possibly need.

Zombie Dust

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_ImageEver the busy wombat, I’ve been thinking up titles for stories that I will never write. Feel free to use any you like.

Zombie Dust

Twisted Dog Killers

Surprised by Violet

The Eye of Evening

Spider Witch

Eight, Nine, Tentacles


Bloodstained Angels

Horror Oyster

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