Blogging our recent US trip day by day, a month after the event.

16th November – Point Betsie & Beulah, MI

Point Betsie lighthouseHello, you’re still reading these? Blimey, you’ve got staying power. This was a gentle day, starting with a short trip to Point Betsie to see the lighthouse, and to search the beach for Petoskey stones. Glorious weather, glorious sky, and a daft lollopy dog. Perfection. I didn’t find any Petoskeys, but I did find a kind of fossil thing. #PROUD

To the small town of Beulah, unremarkable except that it stands on the eastern shore of Crystal Lake – well, one of the Crystal Lakes. There are fifteen in Michigan. Those early explorers were obv. a bit short of inspiration. This one, however, is the largest, being about eight miles long, end the water is exceptionally clear. This late afternoon there was nary a wisp of breeze, and the surface of the lake as still as looking glass.

Crystal Lake from Beulah Beach

The reflection of the sky was breathtaking, and I don’t use that word lightly. I daren’t breathe for fear of disturbing the amazing picture laid out before me. Then Jamie threw a rock in the water, which was also kind of cool. This was one of those sights that will stay in me till I cock my clogs.

Bacon doughnutsThen a quick shop, where there were BACON DOUGHNUTS OMFG and American sausage and mash for tea. Bloody lovely it was, an’all. The evning was finished off by downing a bottle of Glenfiddich with Jamie, after which I was extremely witty although no-one seemed to understand what I was saying and I ate many, many crackers.



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