Blogging our recent US trip day by day, a month after the event.

28th November – over mountains to desert. Also FREE CATS.

From the mountainTo the Sonoran Desert in Anza-Borrego National Park, via a drive through and over mountain roads, which insisted on flinging magnificent scenery at us throughout. We stopped briefly for photographs, and by Grabthar’s Hammer, it was COLD.

OasisDown in the desert, you won’t be amazed to hear, was quite the opposite. There was a small visitor’s centre by Borrego Springs which is where I learned that we were in Borrego Springs, then a short drive to the trailhead. There followed a long, hot, splendid hike through a slot canyon, over difficult, boulder-strewn, magnificent terrain that led to an oasis of palms – a cluster of shaggy palm trees rising up from a soggy spot on the otherwise dry desert.

The way back.A brief rest here, then we took an alternative route back to the car. The going was tough at times through a rocky landscape, and we really needed the water we’d lugged along. The trail doubled back often, and we sometimes lost it, but good company kept our spirits high, and we got back to the car just as darkness fell.

FREE CATSBuffalo burgers in Julian on the way back, where, passing through in the morning, we had seen someone with a cardboard box of kittens labelled “Free Cats”. One had escaped briefly as I passed, and I guarded the box while the owner retrieved the fugitive.

There were forecasts of a snowstorm for South Dakota set to coincide with our flight there in three days, which became one of those constant worries that you can’t do a thing about.



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