A special place, a special space

Bury Parish Church

Bury Parish ChurchI’ve always loved churches, though God knows (sic) I’ve never been in the slightest way religious. To me, churches are simply havens of calm and relaxation, providers of aesthetic beauty, and sources of the occasional historical fascination. I sense no presence in there except the imagined ghosts of history.

Coffee!This is Bury Parish Church. It’s not actually that old, having been built in the 1870s, although there has been a church on the same site for over a thousand years. It is rather lovely.

There’s a coffee shop just inside, where I like to go for a small Americano after gym. Fusiliers coloursIt’s good coffee, and inexpensive. After my drink I usually wander into the main body of the church for a shufti at the Lancashire Fusiliers colours, and a quiet ten minutes just having a relaxing sit down surrounded by calm, untroubled by frets about the state of the world, or thoughts of jobs I have yet to do.

Here’s a point, though. Anyone seeing me sitting quietly in the pews might think I was communing with my god, when in my reality there is no such being. For an all-too-brief spell, I can be alone with my thoughts, unmithered by cats, spam callers, or nagging thoughts of how The Raven’s Wing’s Minstrel John and jongleuse Moss might break into a rich merchant’s house.

However … maybe that’s all ‘God’ is? Simply a device invented to allow us a brief respite from all the worries of this horrible 2017? If so, then I’m more confused than ever I was.

About wombat37

A Yorkshireman in the green hills of Lancashire, UK Not a real wombat, obviously, or typing would become an issue. I do have short legs and a hairy nose, however. Oh, & a distinctive smell.

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  1. To me God is us: Our essence, our energy, our life force. I very much consider prayer the same as meditation, a way to clear the mind and let go of the noise. Some people seem to find it easier to have someone ‘above’ them, they feel comfort in the idea that someone is there controlling everything, telling them how to live their lives, and setting rules and boundaries. I personally don’t. My journey in life has been all about finding my own inner calm, and letting the true, strong energy flow through unhindered. I still keeping finding that flow blocked though – despite many attempts at plunging! 😉 – mostly it is the noisy mind blocking it. I have a bottle neck problem! (need to unblock the path between head and heart!)

    I also find churches very calming places of beauty. I always thought that is because the loving energy put into their building, design and aesthetics comes through.


  2. Very well put, M. Getting shut of “the noisy mind” for a spell is invaluable.


  3. Sandy Chamberlain

    I, too, love churches. They just seem so peaceful and are always so beautiful.


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