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Recruitment – a sample chapter from Rollie

DCP Scan_068, 4/19/04, 4:24 PM,  8C, 7490x10116 (289+418), 100%, A.I. Basic,  1/60 s, R93.7, G87.6, B104.2The firm-jawed young man gazed at a distant blue horizon. The bright sunshine narrowed his eyes and made his cheeks glow. The goggles perched on his head glinted dazzlingly, holding the flying helmet snugly about his head. His fur collar, and the absence of perspiration, indicated the cold of his surroundings. A radio mask hung loosely below his chin, and parachute straps criss-crossed his khaki flying suit. The pilot was confident and determined, looking ahead to a bright future. By his right arm sat a roundel, the circular identification mark of British aircraft, but with the red inner circle replaced by a Canadian maple leaf. Next to this the words ‘Royal Canadian Air Force’ stood proud, while above the young man’s head flew the jolly enjoinder “Join the Team!” Rollie yelped as a fist punched his shoulder.

“Quit staring at that poster, you fat-head. Let’s get inside!”

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Help Moss Swear in Irish

Jen feathers cropA major character in The Raven’s Wing (hi, Moss!) occasionally lapses into her native Irish. From a variety of sources I’ve put together the following phrases, but I could do with someone fluent to check them out for me. Please do let me know if you can see any errors, and give me a good translation? There’s a credit in the book for you if you do.

And yes, The Raven’s Wing is set in 1322, but for the sake of readability and my own sanity I won’t be trying to replicate how people really spoke back then, save for the occasional word for ‘flavour’.

Mo thóin, fear an cheoil. My arse, music man.
Dia trócaire. God’s mercy.
Anraith finéal. Fennel soup.
Gabh transna ort fhéin. Go fuck yourself sideways.
Téigh trasna ort féin, agus an t-asal marcaíocht tú ar. Go fuck yourself, and the donkey you rode in on.
Go raibh maith agat. Thank you.
Dia dhuit ar maidin. Good morning.
Cailleach. Old hag, witch.
Dia a thabhairt duit lá maith. God give you good day.
Bí láidir. Be strong.

Twantadors 2017

Image1In case you want to be like Nicola (see right) here are all of 2017’s Twantadors, ready for some Secret Santa fun.

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