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#SUNDAYPIXred – 1st March 2015

DSCN0394Not many of you fancied putting your undies on your head for me last time out (spoilsports), so let’s make the next theme nice and simple and wide and not at all underwear-related:




Take a photograph that embodies Red in some way. Be as imaginative as you like. The colour red does not have to appear in the photo, as long as the idea of Red is imparted. Post your pics to Twitter on Sunday DSCF9913(including the hashtag #SUNDAYPIXred in your tweet) and enjoy the hashtag. As ever, photographs must be yours (or your family’s or your secret lover’s) – nowt just nicked off the internet. Yes, you can post an old pic you’ve previously taken, or even one from your family history. Follow the hashtag (click on it in any tweet or add a column to your app) on Sunday to see what others have made of the theme. You are encouraged, nay ordered, to comment on other Sundaypickers’ tweets and admire.

Colors – Textures And Patterns

Hi yall!
This week the lovable Mr Wombat has let me, @starlitwolf sit in his ultra comfy #SundayPics chair while he takes a well deserved break to do…well, to do Wombatty things, of course!
After considering several topics, I’ve narrowed it down to three and now (at the last minute, mind you!) I’ve finally narrowed to one. It was an extremely hard choice, but I’ve decided….*ta da duh a dah!*
C O L O U R S!
That’s right, Colors! Colors-Textures and Patterns is this weeks theme. Yes, black, white and grey(gray) are colors too. But as we are coming out of the Winter and into the Spring. I thought this would be a great way to get completely out of the dull winter blues.
So on Sunday, feel free to send your colorful, patterned or textured or both patterned and textured pics in. Paisley shirts, multi-colored pinwheels and what have ya!
So get out there yall and have fun!

You might be wondering how I got the idea for this topic. Well, it’s a long story, so I’ll keep it short-ish. Recently we’ve done some renovation to our home. While pulling a wall down, the builders got a surprize. They found all our walls are double boarded, meaning someone had plaster boarded over the old plaster board(sheetrock, dry wall) and then just painted or wallpaper the new plaster board. We discovered five layers of old wallpapered between the layers of plaster board. The patterns were simply jaw droppingly amazingly ugly. The colors were glaringly awesome, and I dont mean in a good way! They were bold, bright and simply gawd awful! I had to take a picture! There was no way I couldn’t not take a picture! I was going to put it straight onto Twitter, then it dawned… I had been asked to do a SUNDAYPICS. I couldn’t settle on a theme.  Why not make it my SUNDAYPICS theme? Yes!!

Where to begin. Well, I needed to pick and choose which photos stayed and which went. They were so very wonderful that I finally decided to keep them all! No favorites here! So any and all pics you sent should be in this blog somewhere. They may not be together, but then again if they went into the same category they will be.
I thought we’d start with how the dull winter blues can change our perception of colors.
lilianlouvaine1First up, we have the simply gorgeously awesome (and cold) photo of the icy blue main hall, Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden which, if I remember correctly, is rebuilt every year because the last one simply melts away during the thaw. During a recent holiday @lilianlouvaine stayed there and took this wonderful shot. When I saw this photo, I just knew it had to be first. Stunning.
During the long, sometimes seemingly unending cold of winter. Most people have been inside, staying warm by the fire. They’ve settled in and have renewed their interest in hobbies, crafts and cooking. Next up, we have photos of some of those indoor activities.
I collect stained glass lamps declares @emjay123, who also has a passion for Frank Lloyd Wright, the world famous American Architect.  She reminds us that the days will be getting longer soon and we won’t need to turn on the lights in the early afternoon (in the UK) for much longer! What a beautiful lamp to light up the evenings. Someone who might need a bit of that light is @hc_illustrated, who sent us pictures of her office and says she’s #notobsessivecompulsiveatall. Nope, she’s not, she just loves Rainbows, not to mention Snoopy and Woodstock! She’s our kind of gal!

emjay123  hc_illustrated1 hc_illustrated2

Snuggling into her lap is @hastillonlyme’s (below, left) cat. She loves the feel and texture of her cat’s fur while petting it as it purrs away. And of course, its lovely coloring is probably what brought the cat home to her in the first place. @ericafairs (below, middle) didn’t let us see her cat but shows us it’s apparently much loved brightly colored toy which while being played with, is a guaranteed instant winter (ok, year round) entertainment for us mere humans. And if the toy isn’t for a cat today, perhaps it’s enthralled by @widget53’s Matthew, the fighting beta fish. I wonder if Matthew can hypnotise the cat with its smooth, flowing swimming manner?

 hastillonlyme ericafairs2widget53b

Or is the cat daydreaming he’s “THE Bravest Cat on the Planet” and wishing he was going after bigger fish? Perhaps like this super bright pink shark sent in by @MrChambers. “Ack! Not that big!!”mrchambers
If the fire’s not warm enough for ya, perhaps this beautiful jewel toned, patterned quilt made by @FlossieTP (below, left) can help warm you up. Or maybe you’d like to while away the long evenings playing a game of Bugs (or Cooties, as this game is called, in The States) with @kirtle (below, middle) and whoever else may want to join in. Count me in! She also says this is so much better than the paper and pencil version. Oh, and look what @lettyP1 (below, right) and Lucy have been up to. Why, they’ve been making bracelets for the local craft fair!

flossietp1 kirtle lettyp1
These two fantastic guys were made by @carolthescot, who sent them to Jackie Chan for a “Buddy Bear” contest. These are so pretty and colorful. Personally I think she definitely should’ve placed and I would love to see the other Buddy Bears in the contest.
Now that you’ve done all that up close art work, how do you feel about taking some broader strokes and stepping back to admire your painting? Looks like @cumbrianvixons has been kind enough to lend us some of Motoko’s paints. Oh! And it looks like @hardyherione has taken them up on their very kind offer and sent us these two paintings of a stalking cat and a stunning horse.
cumbrianvixens  hardyheroine1 hardyheroine2
And look who else has taken up the free offer of paint. It’s @sarahtregear’s child dabbling in brush and finger painting.  Also dipping into the paint pots we have a marvellous painting named “Follow the Yellow Big Road” and is destined for @smallgirltweets (below, middle) refrigerator and  E1’s brush strokes and terrific color combinations are also the makings for great fridge art sent in by @alliterative who says it was painted a couple years ago. Perhaps one of these kids could be a Picasso or Modigliani some day!
Meanwhile, @MrsAshborosCat (left) wanted to take a picture of this in the sunlight but came home too late to get the right light. I’m sure she is now happily stitching the rest of this blanket together, probably sitting on her super comfy couch right next to her lovely fella, Joe. mrsashboroscat
And on the right, just look at all the lovely colors and textures of knitting wool(yarn) that @oldmotherriley has. I wonder what project she has in mind for it? No matter what it’s destined for it looks like it’s going to be a stunner of a present.

Now to show you what inspired this theme. The horrifying wallpapers we found caught between the layers of plasterboard. Believe it or not, these two pictures are of parts of same wall, The far left picture also shows the pebble dashedIMAG1043 side of our house.IMAG1037

Now, let’s get away from the renovations and back to child’s play? What do ya say?
janegothGet a load of the Lego filled bucket that was sent in by @JaneGoth (right). I wonder if she plays with them while she’s in the house alone. I bet she does! I’m fairly certain I would! But yall won’t tell my secret, will ya? Will ya?? lol
  Ooh! Will ya look at that? Looks like its warming up outside! Time to run the brush through our hair, get our coats and boots on and get out of the house! Cabin Fever has struck!
Say hello to newcomer @francoisome! (below, left) It looks like her daughter is way ahead of us. Just look at that gorgeous hair with fabulous streaks of color! And do be careful to look in your coat pockets before putting them on. @MannyMunkeh (middle) could be anywhere! After all, Color is what its all about when hiding. Oh wait, there he is! As for these boots, well to be honest, I dont think @Och23’s daughter will ever lose those. They are a fabulous shade of pink. And besides, who would want to lose those? I totally agree with her statement, “I wish they came in adult sizes”. I do too!

francoisome mannymunkeh och23

@AvenSarah and @alliterative’s son(E1) has found a way to entertain himself and his brother while they wait for us to get ready to go. He’s found some ribbon on a stick to twirl while E2 watches. Looks like E2 has thrown his toys in a heap on the floor and is quite captivated by the blaze of swishy colors. Just looks at that baby’s hands! Alliterative-AvenSarahE1Now, are we ready to go on our first of many warmer day outings?  You know the ones I mean, the days that are too sunny to stay inside but too cold to stay outside.Those. Where shall we go first? Well, @andromedababe went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on a foggy day where she found this giant dinosaur waiting for her. Yikes! Not only does it look gigantic, it’s red too and just look at how it dwarfs the bench behind it! Perhaps, we should go somewhere safer; like to a children’s indoor playground. And seems two others had the same great idea! Ball pool! Apparently, not the same pool, as @Gib46 (below, middle) has opted to jump in with his bumble bee pal and one of his munkeh buddies, while @nyncompoop (below, right) has her gorgeous son  test “the waters”, so to speak. And his face says it all. Awesome!

andromedababe gib46 nyncompoop2

This girl seems to be dancing to the beat of her own drum as she poses in the street in this vibrantly colored outfit and @bestoftimes declares “the colors are real!” Looks like no matter how grey the day is, her day will always be brilliant. Speaking of tattoo, (Get it? Beat, drum, tattoo? hehehe) How about these tattoos? @skydivemacca sends us a picture of her tattooist and the color he’s now added to Weeble Bot. She didn’t say who’s tattoo it is, but it sure is cute! And @flossie_TP shows us a bit of her son, The Tattooist’s artwork. Nice! Love the shape of the hand; however the dagger going through it looks quite painful. Ow!

bestoftimes skydivemacca3 flossietp2

underbundleskydivemacca1@underbundle (left) has been doing a little playing of his own. He’s discovered his iPhone’s camera lens is small enough to focus down a kaleidoscope. Turns out it was a cool experiment with great results!
I’m not sure if this was an experiment or not but it too turned out quite cool. @skydivemacca (right) found this colorful wood looking wave pattern taking over the Science Museum.  Whatever it is, I swear it’s taking over a doorway. 
@mrsactive (below, left) spent the first of the warmer days re-staining her outdoor wooden furniture. The wood stain gave this bench seat a lovely hue and brought out the wonderful wood grain to perfection.

mrsactive island252a

This bric-a-brac shop’s window is quite interesting. Loads of variety just to get our interest. The star (or is it a lit up shell?) is what caught my attention first, as if it’s ready burst right out of the window. Then the lit up round fan or globe thing. Some people could probably stare at this window for days wondering what everything is, or @island252 (above, right) could just ask the shop keeper.
Perhaps it was raining that day but @miffybarker (below, left) decided to stay in and so did @RHSFB12 (below, middle) and both found loads (no pun intended) of colors and textures in their ironing piles.  And what’s this? @wombat37 (below, right) is being as helpful as ever by showing them these brand new irons he found at the Bury Market that they may want to use.

miffybarker rhsfb12a wombat37d
I’m getting hungry. How about you? You hungry? I think it’s time for a snack or two. Sorry, there’s not much to drink but @oldmotherriley has provided us with just enough for us to wet our whistles.
oldmotherrileyWe have plenty of snacks though. Let’s see, there’s cupcakes made by @ariadnes_web (below, left). I must say they are iced beautifully and love the pastel tones! And  @nottinghamscene (below, right) has provided us with some fresh out of the oven muffins. She says they are coffee and walnut cakes and they are just waiting to be iced. Do I hear another #cakedebate coming up? Meanwhile @ericafairs (bottom, left) has offered us this lovely homemade passion fruit and pomegranate torte. And @skydivemacca has made this wonderful rainbow cake. Yummy!
  ariadnes_web1 nottinghamscene
@ivorjetski was kind enough to share his Jelly Babies, saying “it just had to be done. Didn’t it?” ivorjetski
woodvetchfbishwifeIf you’re more than just snack hungry though and wanting something more filling @fbishwife (left) has brought along a curry to share.  I’ll have a bit of that.
Or if you prefer something more savory than sweet @woodvetch (right) has provided us with this fantastic fruit, cheese, meat, and veg tray. Oh yes, Thank you! Now to decide what sweet  to try. Hmm…

The days are getting longer. Blue skies are replacing the dull grey ones. Flowers are blooming far and wide. Caterpillars are changing into butterflies and moths are gathering near the outside lights.
Glorious blue skies have been found by @jasononion (below, left) who occasionally lives near this roundabout that’s the geographic center of Cornwall. Looks like @macjude is also enjoying the blue view of sky with the help of volcanic dust from Iceland while laying back in the garden. This brightly colored kite was caught in mid-flight by @jaxbourne (bottom, left) who spotted it on an absolutely gorgeous day.  This wonderfully painted house is classic mainland Europe to me, suggesting it’s perhaps in Spain or France, especially with the blue skies above but no, @ariadnes_web (bottom, right) found it in Fife. Love the plants along the steps.

jaxbourne2 ariadnes_web3 
talojo1It was an amazing sight for @talojo (left and below) to see when she noticed the Red Arrows (England’s version of Blue Devils) practicing over her house. talojo2I think I would have stood, slack-jawed and transfixed by all their acrobatic manouvers(?) maneovers(?) maneouvres(?)… Darn it! By their crack precision military flying formations and stunts! 

The weather has warmed up and more days in row are looking nicer and brighter. Now families begin planning day trips that are to be spent entirely outdoors to enjoy the longer hours of daylight.
babymakingfiles1Looks like the baby’s ready for a day out in this multi-colored striped all-in-one babymakingfiles2and just look who @Em_and_Lola (right and far right) went to see, this fab specimen of a peacock who seems to be all eyes. (Sorry. Horrible joke. I’ll get my coat and hat)
I don’t know about yall, but Mr and I always drive to where we are going to go for a walk; sometimes it could be just 15 minutes away from home while other times, it could be as far as 5 hours away. We’re weird like that. So as we all head out to our various types of transportation, @tonihill79 (below, left) has been watching where she walks and points out this bloom that seems to be coming out of such dry earth its almost as if it’s coming straight out of the asphalt to greet us. So glad she didn’t trip over it. There’s no tripping over what @JudgeTread, (below, middle) who suddenly stopped short as he spied something else on the ground. Someone’s lost their car freshener and he shouts “Smile!” as if only noticing the brilliant smile of the tiny piece of cardboard. Then @RHSFB12 shows us this stunning daisy which is happily living in her daughter’s VW Bug. I wonder if she’ll give us a lift so we can walk on the beach?

tonihill79 judgetread rhsfb12b

jaxbourne1 magentablog Listen to the quiet roar of the waves, the sounds of splashing water and enjoy the feeling of the warm sand between your toes. This all reminds us of the beach. Here, @jaxbourne (left) reminds of the visual beauty, texture and patterns of the sand and sea. Just smell that smell! Ahh! I wonder if there are any loungers available? There’s one! Oh wait, looks like it’s being saved for someone by a Robertson’s Jam Dolly. Even though he’s very well dressed, I think @magentablog (right) might want to take him home soon, he’s looking more than a bit toasted.
superblouseIt must be early Spring if they are still allowing dogs on the beach and jamerz3294here’s @superblouse’s (far left) dog Sandy, the sandy colored dog who went to the beach with her Dad and is curiously looking through the rails to see the waves and anything else moving along the sand. Curiosity killed the cat, ya know.  Then we see @jamerz3294’s (left) dog, Ace geocaching in the wet, happily showing us the fish he rolled as he enjoys splashing through the water.  How so very happy both dogs look!

Another newcomer to #sundaypics is @stevie_82uk and what an entry! A simply brilliant view of the crystal clear azure sea from high above (right). keithy73
Newcastle has a magnificent bridge as attested by @keithy73, (left) who shows a great sunset highlighting it and the river below. The island252bsilhouette reflections are quite beautiful. And look at what wonderful hues this next watery reflection brings out. Not everyone would have noticed but @island252 (right) sure did! Good on ya girl!   
The butterflies have come out to help spread the seeds and pollen of the plants and trees and @alliterative (below) shows us proof that they are definitely out and about.

alliterative1 alliterative2 alliterative3
It looks like their work is progressing nicely, Just look at these flowers that @davidtims is showing us as he boasts “My wife is very proud of the tulips in our garden and they came out especially for #sundaypics too.” And @anniesten says her “garden is just full of color. Look!” After strolling through the Dorothy Clive Gardens, @greythorne sent us an intimate shot of these shockingly orange tulips.
davidtims anniesten greythorne 
This lovely bunch of vibrant flowers has @richlieu_uk (below, left) absolutely clueless as he states plainly “I’m no gardener, but I believe these are flowers of some kind. Or plants. They’re colourful, anyway.” Well, I think I can see yellow snap dragons and red berries. A deeply red memorial day type poppy is @splashman’s fantastic entry, while @crofty (below, right) sends us a picture that does double duty as it works for this theme and for the Spring themed #sundaypics. Wow! Lovely daffodils and just look at that passion flower (light purple flower at top left of photo)!
  richlieu_uksplashman crofty
Perhaps @sunday can help us with the names of these plants and flowers. She names four of the flowers and plants in the photos she sent in. The first two are unnamed, but I love the background in the first picture with its tremendous textures and glorious purple flower. The stark white flower against the brilliant darkly green grass is magnificent. The third is an apple blossom, the fourth is Lamium with a hidden bee, the fifth is also Lamium and the sixth is Jack-by-the-Hedge.
sunday1 sunday2 sunday3
sunday4 sunday5 sunday6
A blooming Christmas cactus is brought to us by @widget53 (below, left). Such a lovely houseplant too! @mymoonshadow shows us her view. Just wondering if I can hear birdsong coming from that garden. Stepping out into the community garden @vegmers (below, right) shows us just what school children can do to a plain, very ordinary picket fence when given a few buckets of paints and told to be creative. Nicely done kids!
 widget53amymoonshadow vegmers
While out for a walk @ariadnes_web (below, left) found this field of absolutely delightful wildflowers. What a beautiful contrast of shapes, colors and textures! We can thank @matt_cochr for showing us his view of this garden that seems to be just overflowing with wildflowers and tulips. If we look skyward, we see the clear blue skies and the gorgeous blossoms of this tree. I wonder if @sherbertpip68 (below, right) got a whiff of those flowers as she passed by. How stunning these places are. Doesn’t it make you just want to get out and take a walk?
ariadnes_web4 matt_cochrsherbertpip68

Other sure signs of longer, warmer days are picnics and family barbeques go on the rise. Indoor markets are moving their wares outdoors.  Day trips become holidays(vacations).  Festivals and outdoor Events pop up everywhere. So come on, let’s see where some of the others have been to find lots of colors, textures and patterns.
jfzola25Look who’s having a barbeque! @jfzola25 (far left) says #yesdearthebbqisreadytocookon. Oh boy, hope you like your food extremely well done! emmaliptonFirst up to the plate is this cutey wearing the bright sunhat and is the son of a friend of @emmalipton (left). Isn’t he adorable? And look at those chubby cheeks, almost makes a girl just want to give them a little squeeze!
This luscious home-grown rhubarb has been brought by @thetiniestvole (below, left) to our barbeque in the hope of turning it into a crumble before the rest of the food is ready. Plenty of time!  In the meantime @ariadnes_web (below,right) has brought some fresh berries to nibble on while we wait for the steaks, chicken and shrimp(prawns) to come off the grill or perhaps today, the menu is burgers, hot dogs and sausages which is alright by me!

How about having some of this for dessert? It’s a seven-layer rainbow cake made by a professional cake maker who was selling these at local event where our favorite baker was selling some of her home-made cupcakes. That’s a beautiful looking cake but I bet it doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as @nyncompoop’s cupcakes do! For me, home-made is always better. No matter what it is, home-made always seems to have that extra special touch.

Whether you’re at a picnic at Kew Gardens or somewhere else, have a seat on this bright colorful super comfy looking  plaid blanket that @scullyscully (below, left) was kind enough to bring. Speaking of colors, seems @toffeegirluk (middle) has been to the races, the horse races that is and she was checking out all the colors the jockeys were wearing before placing her bets. I hope she won! At a different race called MotoGP Jerez, @davidgilray found this girl in the bright orange. She is a walking advertisement for Tigretón rolls, which is a chocolate covered rolled cake filled with apricot and cream. Sounds deee-lish!

scullyscully2 toffeegirluk davidgilray
Now I don’t know where these next two photos were taken, but looks like its Festival time to me! These banners were made by a friend of @deadredbug (below, left). Can’t blame her for being very proud of her friend! Nice one and to get them put up at a festival? Excellent! The contrasts of blues caught the eye of @TiggerLlily (below, right) who says they are Womad flags. I never knew what they were called but I love all the different hues of blue; in the clouds, sky and flags and the way the wind seems to be catching them.
 deadredbug tiggerllily
Seems @wombat37 (below) and his lovely wife, @little_mavis are still walking around Bury Market. He points out the many textures and different shades of the fabric stall and then the brilliantly bright display of the fruit and veg stall and what better place to end a shopping trip than at the candy(sweet) shop? I wonder how many bags of goodies they walked off with. Personally, I think that I would’ve spent most of my money at that fruit and veg stall.

While it’s certainly no Kew Gardens, my local town square (left) sure can put on a delightful display of brilliance! Every year, when I go into town and I see the garden areas surrounding the War Memorial in full bloom,IMAG1073scullyscully1 I stop the smell the roses and other flowers. I always want to take a picture of all the lovely blooms that come out near Easter time, but I never seem to have time. This year was the first time I actually stopped to simply take the picture.

Now this is the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew aka Kew Gardens which is a dazzling vision of loveliness to quite a few people including @scullyscully (right) who took this photo which includes the world famous Palm house. I wonder if she stops to smell the roses too.
Inside the all glass Palm house of  rosamundiKew Gardens, tucked in among the trees and plants sarahpez@rosamundi found this massive decoration of glassy balls. She said it wasn’t Christmastime, that it was springtime when she took this photo. However; we’ve all agreed, they sure look Christmassy to us! Now this is more like it! @sarahpez caught this true celebration of Springtime while visiting Kew Gardens. What’s a better way to scream it’s warm days ahead than a boatload of radiantly colored helium filled balloons on the Thames.
We have a few travellers who’ve been abroad in our group. First stop is America, not that I’m biased or anything but it is where I was born and raised. So, in keeping with the balloon theme @hastillonlyme shows us this car which seems to be completely overflowing with balloons. This could possibly be the ultimate children’s party machine! Seeing this, also makes me wonder if there’s a clown buried somewhere in that car. She’s also visited the famous Pop-Tart World shop and museum in New York’s Times Square. She shows us the ladies room wall which is made up of real Pop-Tarts and has a note attached asking you not to eat any of them. Err… Yuck! On America’s other coast, our favorite duckling guardian @chickenprincess got to go to Las Vegas and take this fantastic shot of some the lights on the strip. Oh yeah, Las Vegas is definitely on my wish list of places to go before I die.
hastillonlyme1hastillonlyme2 chickenprincess

Next up, we have @mikeybaer (below, left) who sent a view of where he was on the day this theme came up. He was looking at the minarets of St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow. He’s now happily staying in Australia for the time being. Last year, or at least I think it was last year @Captain_Doodle and his lovely wife went to Morocco and brought back these lovely photos. The middle one is “Colourful jars of stuff wot they were trying to flog us in Marrakech…” and the one on the right is “some pretty patterns from Fes… ”. I love the lively kaleidoscopic pattern. I wonder what else they brought back.

mikeybaer captain_doodle1 captain_doodle2
@robmorrey (below, right) went to Singapore a few years ago where he saw this “fake tree/plant modern art thing.” in front of a white and glass building with wide sweeping flowing corners. Every time I look at this photo, my mind immediately tell me its upside down. How strange! Perhaps, it’s because the building behind the flower tree reminds me a curved square dinner plate? Hmm.. Oh! Will you look at that! Bulk Saffron! If I remember correctly, that’s the most expensive spice in the world and @kaPOWed (below, left) saw it and these other unusual flavor enhancers and yells “Spices from the Tunisian Market!” Such exotic places. Yes, I wouldn’t mind going to a few of those places myself before I kick the proverbial bucket!
robmorrey kapowed
Ah! There’s no better vision of true glory than that of the beauty of a vibrantly brilliant sunset to end the day as shown to us by @shysarah2009 (below, left) who says the texture comes from the reflection of the sun on the road. And what a vividly picturesque sunset and reflection upon a glass-like surface of the lake that @AvenSarah has shown us. Both sunsets show the brilliance of the nuances of color that can quite simply bring us to breathlessly whisper…
Ohh! Wow!
Now, that you’ve seen all these lovely brilliantly dazzling and sumptuous colors, doesn’t everything look so much brighter now?
Photo re-touched by @wombat37. Original photo @lilianlouvaine
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