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Pie Cricket Week 1

#PieCricketClick to embiggenIt was a little bit of a shaky start as people got used to the idea of a summer without sausages, but the excitement grew as the day went on, and those who had correctly predicted the number of whoopsie-daisy pies realised how much fun it was to steal opponent’s wickets. #SausageLeague Champion @jayalay was an immediate target, and is already down to one wicket.

Your early front runner is @captain_doodle, who with 8 for 3 got BOTH of his guesses (total and whoopsie-daisies) correct, and therefore takes a maximum 7 points. Hot on his heels are @crowmogh, @moorseyl, @thatnuttyfanboy and @happymouffetard, although this last pair have both lost a wicket.

Controversy simmered when @purplequeennl questioned the referee’s judgement as to the number of pies. This is the sort of thing that we can well do without in #PieCricket, Geoff, and she was lucky to escape receiving the first ever #PieCricket yellow card, and a summary spanking with a well-oiled bat.

With 7 points on offer every week, and the ability to prevent your opponents scoring at all, there’s plenty to play for, and once you all get used to the Pie Standard at Mans 2000, I expect this summer to be really EXPIETING. See what I did there? God I’m funny.

You can find the rules IN THIS POST.


Wombat’s Overcomplicated Pie Cricket Rules

#PIECRICKETBasically #SausageLeague with pies, but with an added twist, #PieCricket runs on Twitter on Fridays, between the end of one #SausageLeague season and the start of the next. The current run of #PieCricket began on 11th May, and the final day will be 27th July. It’s based on pie-guessery, and here’s all you need to know in order to WIN WIN WIN!

imageYou predict two numbers – the total number of pies on display, and how many of those will be upside-down (a “whoopsie-daisy”).

imageYou score points depending on how close you are to the total pie number: 5 minus the difference.

imageIf you’re spot-on with the total, you get a bonus point. If you ALSO guess correctly the number of whoopsie-daisies, you get another bonus point.

imageBut wait, there’s more! Correctly guessing the number of whoopsie-daisies allows you to take an opponent’s wicket, regardless of whether you got the TOTAL prediction right.

imageYou start with 3 wickets. If they drop to zero, you’ll score no points at all the following week UNLESS you get a spot-on with the total, when you’ll get the usual. Then your wickets will bob back up to 3.

Comfort Food

One thing I didn’t think of when I set this theme was just how bloody much I’m going to eat while writing this blog. I’ve already got some Bacon and Brown Sauce crisps and a Crunchie handy. Ah, the power of suggestion.

imageI wasn’t prepared for the first entry to be what appears to be a still from the classic Quatermass II but @johnrands_tmtl insists that it is a food – “not the best or favourite comfort food, but ohhh so easy”. It is something called a Microwave Mug Cake apparently. See, I want one of those now as well.

imageOooh, look at this! No, tis not sweeties. It actually is pasta, posted by @rosamundi who always finds something very comforting about a big bowl of pasta. It is very pretty, like a collection of bow-ties for pixies. When boiled though, I’ll bet it reacts like mixing plasticine, and all the colours run into each other to make a nasty grey-brown. Grey-brown pasta – ew.

image“My offering for #Sundaypics on comfort food. Chocolate & biscotti in a shop window on Burano, Venice” reports @womble61, with his exotic out-on-location photography. Well worth clicking on the picture to inspect the large version.

imageI can’t immediately tell whether @sjnewton’s entry (“I could do with one of these right now”), on the left, is a glorious example of pain au chocolat, or a simple croissant that has been sneezed on by someone eating Nutella. I’m sorry. I’m disgusting, really. I have no idea why anyone follows me.

image@MarkBIGSW first sent the pic on the right, which was the only food in his hotel room to comfort his hangover. Are they Jammie Dodgers? Yum! imageLater in the day, the pic on the left popped up with the explanation When it comes to comfort food this is the ultimate….” Three slices, Mark? You gannet. I also feel I should make some sort of remark about the effect of so many beans on your fart production rate, or FPR as it is known in scientific circles. Oh look, I just have.

imageI agree with @Ariadnes_web when she says that homemade soup is a favourite comfort food. This here is her Lentil Soup, and most thoughtfully she has given us all the recipe, which you’ll find if you click on the following sentence. Here’s the recipe to accompany the picture of lentil soup

Dscf2754While we’re talking about soups, @little_mavis does make a wonderful, cosy, heart-warming potato soup. I speak from experience when I say that it is lovely. There it is on the left, together with a couple of warm crusty rolls.

Here comes a collection of three – see if you can work out what they are before reading the explanation underneath.


“Right,” says @hebbie, “I have decided to do 3 pics for #sundaypics – first is my breakfast one. I have mustard the boys have brown sauce HP of course. For lunch soup with fresh bread with lashings of butter – it has to be butter. Boy I am hungry now – image@gourockguru had seconds!Finally, for Sunday dinner Stewie and I have chosen homemade Pizza”

@gourockguru himself, full of soup, also cooks but says HE doesn’t make any mess. Here’s his rather tasty looking curry on the left.

imageInitially posting a photo of what might be sherry or port (by ‘mistake’, she said), @thetiniestvole managed to present us with the shot of her comfort food – soft dates, which I’ve never had.

imageIs Mint Sauce an actual food? According to @white76 it is. She enjoys it with goose fat roast potatoes, and probably anything else that is going. I wonder if she ever just simply spoons it straight from the jar?

imageHere’s something that you can spoon straight from the jar into the gob. Apparently. This Nutella portrait was posted by @m73ichelle although @alias75 and @greythorne also agree that it is the ultimate comfort food!

image@matt_cochr meant to take a picture of Saturday night’s curry for #sundaypics but he was too hungry and just ate it. Alternative comfort food did turn up though, in the form of the cheese and tuna toastie. We’ve got plates like that.



Short and sweet from @hardyheroine – scrambled eggs on crusty white bread 🙂 I do have to comment on the place mat though. Cupcakes! I like it! Oh, and “on bread” rather than “on toast”? How unusual.


image“Mr F asked me to post a #sundaypics entry for him today, cooked by his own fair hand” says @fraggle_red23 before showing us the essentials to MAKE her own comfort food. imageFirstly, nice fry-up but why such a small plate? Secondly, can you work out what Fraggle’s comfort food is, cos I’m struggling? Two spuds and a sugar shaker? Maybe she uploaded the wrong picture, and those are the essentials for her juggling act.

image@miffybarker’s comfort food comes without explanation, but it appears to be a form of bun. I’m trying to work out whether it’s squishy or hard. Story of my life, really.

image“The theme today is “comfortable food”, isn’t it?” asks @belfegore He hates Marmite, and reports that he had to take the picture in a radiation suit. Let us not get into #MarmiteWars again please.

imageThe best comfort food, according to @oldmotherriley, is a boiled egg and soldiers, and you know what? She’s got a point. She does say “Spot the Superglue which is not included in the menu”, but I can’t.


imageAh look, here’s @julietims! She’s gone with Marmite on toast –  “It must be something to with having grown up a short distance from Marmite factory”. So that’s 1-1 now #MarmiteWars

imageExotic fare now, at least to my simple Northern soul, as according to @moynsquidgeim there is no comfort food better than Brie, Bacon and Cranberry Panini with a Fruit Smoothie. I must say it does look very tempting.

imageOh, @jaxbourne, honestly! She reports “Sadly you will need to use your imagination for mine! I ate it before I remembered to take a pic 😦 No crispy streaky smoked bacon sandwich…Ooh ,will go and buy a packet of frazzles and do a re-inactment :)”. Unfortunately, no Frazzles were forthcoming.

image@binarydad is anxious to stress that in no way should his picture of the haut-cuisine served at KFC be seen as a hangover-led choice. I said it on Sunday, and I’ll say it again now – ew, bones. I do not like boney food. I’d have to go for the Bonefree Bucket, or whatever the hell it’s called in there. I’m a Pizza Hut man really.

imagePlease give a warm welcome to @ozdale, breaking his #sundaypics cherry with a big fat dirty kebab. Which apparently are “so much better in Oz than in the UK”. I’ll have to take your word for it, but that does look delicious, especially since I’ve not had a kebab for what seems like years.

image@mrpeterwood doesn’t really do comfort food, but wonders if the pic on the right could count. Beer? It’s got calories in it, so I reckon we can call it food. I’m going to show imageyou his backup entry anyway, if only because I love lollies. And Fries To Go, come to that.


imageChicken Gumbo – two words to strike hilarity into the mind of any wombat. ‘Gumbo’ is such an amusing word. Gumbo. Gumbo. Sorry, just having a giggle. Erm, “My #sundaypics is Chicken Gumbo served over white rice. The pic is while the Gumbo is still bubbling in the pot. I make it when I’m really missing Mama. She used to make the base (corn, okra, butter beans & tomatoes) 2-3 times a month. It IS good. This is a little thicker than most Gumbos, but its the way we preferred it. Definitely a regional dish. She served the base as a side dish or carried it further turning it into Chicken Gumbo or Seafood Gumbo” I can add nothing more save Thank You, @starlitwolf

imageNot quite so much work is required to prepare @keithy73’s offering. Doritos are what he resorts to after the inevitable Newcastle defeat. Now, I don’t know whether it always has to be Cool Original Doritos or whether other flavours will suffice. Perhaps he saves the other flavours for different results.

imageOh Rachel, what the heck’s this? Props for the mushy peas, but what’s that there smothered in gravy? Looks like it might be beermats. Like the milkshake choice though, @ironthighs.

image@smallgirltweets – “If I was sad, I’d have youfood to cheer me up.” Sorry, what’s that? You-food? “No, I mean a letter. U-food. A smiley, happy U!” @smallgirl’s u-food on the left there. A smiley, happy bun.

image@bopterror chooses pickled onions, a comfort I have resorted to in the past, eating them straight from the jar. “I don’t think C would agree” says Rob, presumably due to the dreaded Onion Breath.

imageOn the left you’ll find @mariabarrett’s entry. “OH made lovely daal for tea” she tells us, “I poked at it with leftover pasta. Unctuous & forbidden, best comfort food” Pasta, and dhal? Are you sure, Maria? I love both, but together?

imageA fine collage here from @toffeegirlUK – “#SUNDAYPICS was hard this week, so many Comfort Foods to choose from! ;)” she says, including profiteroles (yay!) but also Marmite, so that it now leads 2-1 in #MarmiteWars.


imageTea cakes and nice cuppa tea are more the mark for @davidtims, and I have to say they look very tempting. I do enjoy those chocolate marshmallows. If you have any, here’s a tip – they do not like being dunked in your tea. #immeltingimmelting

imageApple pie! Yes please! Preferably with a nice viscous custard to pour over it, or perhaps some vanilla ice cream. This fine example is from @sarahpez and was homemade by her mum. Clever mum.

imageAccording to @lettyp1, this on the left is the ultimate comfort food from her childhood – Scouse. Click the picture to go to the recipe page at



imageHere’s @lilianlouvaine’s comfort food, and tis one that I concur with heartily. In my humble thingy, there are no beans that taste as good as Heinz. No, not even Bob’s Big Beans from Netto. Beanz Meanz Heinz.

image@fbishwife goes for a full on roast beef dinner served inside a huge Yorkshire pudding. Lovely, but why have you covered it all with seaweed? I can’t see what sort of meat you might have in there, or even whether you have amusing sprouts or carrots or somesuch.


imageTake a look now at this beautiful pie on the right. I love the way it overflows its dish in such a wanton manner. @ameadey (for it is she) tells us it is a Chicken Pie. So now you know. Make a note ready for the End of Year Quiz.

imageSprouts! Win! @sarahtregear is the Sproutmeister for this entry of the roast dinner she’d just cooked and was about to scoff…..  lovely. And is that mashed swede? Mmmmm *drools*


image“Righty-ho,” pipes up young @captain_doodle, “Comfort food menu: Main meal – Macaroni Cheese. Dessert – Anything chocolatey. Late snack… Quick snack comfort food as in this picture. (Couldn’t be arsed to make Macaroni Cheese). 3-1 #MarmiteWars

image@talojo’s #SUNDAYPICS … which, in the interests of making this photo she “had to eat some…..”. Some? That’s about half the carton, woman. Mind you, I’d have gannetted the whole lot, so I can’t talk.

imageWhy look – tis little @mannymunkeh, and I can do no better than to let the simian do the speaking. “Dudes, ok if I join in? My first #sundaypics. Obviously I normally eat nanas but for a change these are lush!” Mini Cheddars, eh? I find that if you eat just one from a pack, you simply MUST finish the whole pack off. It’s the law.

image@babymakingfiles gives us a “good ole roast dinner, no meat today just a cashew & chestnut nut roast. Yum”. I missed at first that the meal featured a nut roast, which I love – nice looking meal. imageBut she continues “and for pudding, not sure if this counts, but it should, strawberries are food! A strawberry daiquiri”. I allowed beer earlier, so I’m not about to object to such a delicious looking cocktail.



imageThis, I presume, is a curry, going from the rice and the naan-like bread. Although it could just be mince with a slightly strange pitta on a pile of Uncle Ben’s, I suppose. Only @thetiniestvole knows, and she has neglected to tell us. If only we could smell these photographs, eh readers?



I just knew that @crofty was a back to basics kind of bloke, and here it is – the ultimate comfort food tea. First the main course. “I’m just doing the second course, be back in a bit” he says, but nary a sign of a Crofty pud did I see.



imageimageimageThe three pics above are from @idlerambler, who shall provide the commentary. “Chili for tonight’s supper bubbling on the hob (left). Didn’t realise I was hungry! imageNumber 2 – another family favourite – lamb curry in preparation – mmmmmmm, hungry yet? Number 3 – Match-ready. Oh dear, I hadn’t realised how obsessed I am with taking photos of food!” You and everyone else here!

@davidgilray provides us with the double photo on the right, a timey-wimey story in itself. He explains “Sorry couldn’t wait to eat my Chicken and Chorizo Casserole…” and I can understand that. Nice plates.


“My second most awesome favourite food, sitting very comfortably” says @gib46, making the jar comfortable on a lovely blue thingy. I prefer chunky, personally.

image@thom_white tells us that Espresso is probably the closest thing he has to a comfort food, which seems odd, as Espresso is (as I discovered when someone bought it me by mistake once) horrible. And tidgy, which I guess is sort of the point.


imageHere’s @butmadnnw now, with special guests: @StuntPigs! On your left, Tomato & Irish cheddar soup, and on your right (under Thom’s coffee) is imageSausage & champ. What’s “champ” when it’s at home? Also, I do hope you weren’t so insensitive as to have pork sausage.

image@zevans23 maintains that “Chili is comfort food number 1. Number 2 is anything off the cheap shelf. And so I give you…” Wow! Ten pence Whoopsie price is a bargain. Good shopping technique there, my good fellow.





imageimage@cymraescoch says “As I spent so long batch cooking today I think for #sundaypics I’ll give you these”. It’s all a mystery to me, but they look quite quite delicious.




imageHere’s @Thetiniestvole with her third course, to follow the soft dates and the mince curry – Banana Pancakes. Oh my word, but they look groovy. 

imageChocolate flapjacky crunchy chewey type thingies now from @MsCatMinder13 – and I’ll bet they didn’t last longer than five minutes.

imageHomemade apple pie a la mode from @littlebit_bod, “but for comfort food could as easily have been yoghurt or shortbread”. Or all three, indeed. Death by comfort food.

imageHere’s another roast – a pubby one, to judge by the wrapped utensils. @nixielulu actually posted it, but as a retweet from @aliceprocter who said “Mmm yummy. Thanks @nightingalepub!”. Oh, see! Pub roast – I was right for once!


imageOver on the right is a cheesy tuna mash bake thingy, and it looks pretty damn fine to me. I love a cheesy/tuna flavour mix. Also, you can make a lovely sandwich with those flavours – wonder if @macjude did that with hers.

image“My comfort food for #SUNDAYPICS” says @ericafairs “yes – a banana sandwich. In proper baker’s bread!” Bit heavy on the yellow filter there, Erica. Looks nice, actually, and reminds me of one of my favourite sarnies – banana and crispy bacon.

imageI do hope those are not breast implants on the right – hey, I’m a man, what would I know? No, I’m pretty sure it must be jellt, cos @tonihill79 said she’d just had some and it was yummy

imageHere’s @snowgirl1972 with a British classic – (veggie) bangers ‘n’ mash, onion gravy, peas and a special appearance of Helen’s home-made Yorkshire puds. Nicely done, those puds. One of my many lasting shames is that as a Yorkshireman I can not make a decent Yorkshire pud. Oh the shame.

imageFor @only_nelson the equation is easy. Comfort food = red wine and pringles and doing a duck impression. Classy.

imageNo explanation necessary or given when your comfort food choice is Haagen-Dazs, as is this Dulce de Leche from @mikeybaer. Did you know that Haagen-Dazs is simply two made-up words meant to look Scandinavian to American eyes 

image@avensarah posted her entry when it was getting late in Canada – fresh homemade bread; or any good bread, really. With butter. Nice.


imageA last minute under-the-wire #sundaypics from @ajonesie- Chili and cornbread, as prepared by her husband while she was at work, bless his little cotton socks. “Nom” she says.

image@icybloke also posted a late #SUNDAYPICS submission due to “self enforced twabsence yesterday due to Twat (x) Factor tweet proliferation! 😉 What’s more comforting than a slab of rare cow?! Gorgeous!” Ew, say I, cos I’m a well-done man myself. Like the choice of beer, though.

imageOur regular non-Twitter contributor, Janine, sent this beautiful spread – not just because it is cake…but cake eaten at her daughters wedding. “After10 yrs of being engaged, it was a great “comfort” when I saw that ring on her finger!” That’s a Mum speaking.

image@inhumanbeing says “I’d like to apologise to the inventor of Heinz tomato soup for everything I said about not being interested in food. This is Man-flu food. My late #sundaypics submission. I’m going for some complex photo/audio combination thing involving warm fires and Ry Cooder, thanks to @flossieTP” He does this by giving us a link to some Ry Cooder. – Ry Cooder – Dark Was The Night  

192718691The gorgeous @flossietp reminds us that Comfort Food sometimes involves the *where* as much as the *what*, by indulging in Afternoon tea in Betty’s in York. How very civilised and lovely.

65520432Here’s @greythorne now, with an excellent photograph of one of my favourites for Saurday tea – sausage in batter and chips. I’m hoping that lashings of salt and vinegar were used, and that there were several slices of buttered white bread with which to make chip butties.

I wish I’d thought to take a photo of my meat-and-tater-pie sandwich for my entry, but I was too eager to wolf it down. For my favourite Comfort Foods, this week I’m going to direct you to this post on Cubic Scats.


And finally, an extremely late entry came in from @jamerz3294 – so late in fact, that he thought it appropriate to remind us where all this comfort food eventually ends up. How tasteful, and thanks for a final “EW!”, Jamie. Good to see you’ve got the Lavender Glade handy there, Jamie….

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