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IMAG1642It was lovely to be at Bleakholt with a lead in my hand once more, after a few weeks off due to a manky ankle. First up was KEANO, whom you’ll remember from previous posts. He was on top form, full of fun with lots of interaction. Keano’s renowned for his love of sticks, or bottles, or wooden legs, or anything else he finds lying around. The stick he found today, though, was not so much lying around as attached to a tree. He spent a good three or four minutes heaving at the thing before finally succeeding in ripping it free. There he is on the left, with his prize. The thing with Keano is, don’t try to take his sticks off him. That way lies trouble. He’s OK if you swap a toy for it, mind.

IMAG1644Next, along came BROOKE, a big girl at Bleakholt for a short time only, before going back home next week. She’s very nervous and not fond of stepping out. Lovely temperament, though, so with a little occasional persuasion she came along happily. She really needs to lose some weight, when she’ll be a wonderful dog. In retrospect, I’m pleased that the thunderstorm did not arrive until after Brooke was back in her kennel. I’m not sure her nerves would have stood being out in that.

Instead, it was with lovely old FLACK in tow that I felt the first splot of rain on my head. Distant thunder soon became huge KERRAKs immediately overhead, with lightning forking down from above Edenfield and solid rain stair-rodding it onto our heads. We were both drenched in seconds, absolutely sodden by the time we found the shelter of a reasonably large tree. Not that it offered a lot of protection, such was the ferocity of the downpour. IMAG1647Flack, bless him, was completely unthrown by either deafening thunder or torrential monsoon, sitting by me and looking up occasionally as if to say “Shall we move yet, Beardy Bloke?” He’s looking a lot better now than he did immediately after his run-in with PUDDING a couple of weeks ago, don’t you think? Eventually the rain lessened into merely chucking it down, and we returned. Charlotte towelled us both down and the sun emerged over Holcombe Hill.

It’s good to be back.

Running Out Of Ideas For Dog-themed Titles



First lad out with me today was BOB – look at him, the little cutie. He’s full of energy, full of life, and full of love. He was also full of poo, and used up three of the six bags I had in my pocket so that I had to cart Todd and Saffy into the office later to top up my supply. Bob wagged his tail, or more accurately his whole bum, the whole way round.





You may remember lively FLACK from a previous post. Today’s Flack, though, was very subdued, quiet and unresponsive. He also had several stitches close to his eye, the result of a bust up with Pudding. Until hostilities broke out in the run, those two had been the best of friends and there had been no hint of trouble. Pudding has a bit of a sore ear, but he gave poor Flack’s face a right seeing to. I took Flack round the long circle today (past the Duckworth Arms, since you ask). He enjoyed himself, but quietly.




Remember CHARLIE, the happy chappie from a previous post? I took him out in a twosome today with his kennel-mate NIPPER. Nipper, as you might imagine from his name and size, is a bit of a tinker. It was fun to watch them, Charlie being led on by Nipper to bark whenever we saw another dog, something Charlie didn’t dream of when I had him out alone.




A couple of old friends were last, kennel mates TODD and SAFFRON, who you’ve seen a few times now. Saffie was really good letting Adie put in her eyedrops before we left. I don’t think Todd was any different from usual Todd, to be honest, but Saffie, bolstered by the presence of her kennel-chum, was far more outgoing today than before. There was a brief problem when Todd’s lead got caught in Saff’s tightly-curled tail, but otherwise they were a complete delight.

More Walkies

Here’s another pile of dogs that I took out during this morning’s volunteer dog walking session at Bleakholt, including a surprise bundle at the end of the post.
IMAG1440IMAG1441Pudding had already gone out by the time I arrived, so my first ‘client’ was this handsome feller, name of FLACK. He was a smasher. Lively without being overbearing, interested without trying to haul me off my feet, and rather hypnotised by horses (see right). I’m pleased to tell you that he will be off to a new home next week, bless his lovely heart.

Next up was a lady with all the energy in the world inside her, bursting to get out. Meet RUBY, who looks calm enough in this photograph, I admit. That was the only time I got her to keep still, however. For 35 minutes she hauled me around the lanes, seeing off a waggy-tailed farm dog that came to say hello with a huge RROWFF!


Ah now, you met SAFFRON yesterday, the nervous, skittish little lady with the curly tail. She was a little less nervous with me today, presumably having learned my smell (bot something I recommend that you ever do). That didn’t stop her constantly trying to trick me into taking her back to Bleakholt using what she obviously considered a foolproof trick. It goes like this: 1. Stop for a wee, 2. Move imperceptibly;y around while weeing so that Beardy Bloke doesn’t notice, 3. Keep inching around while ‘covering’ the wee with invisible earth, 4. Set off in the opposite direction.


This magnificent lad amongst the buttercups is LEO, a huge, but not fat, Doberman. You can’t really tell from the photo, but he really was tall. Lithe with it, to, and strong. Strong as he obviously was, he didn’t pull on the lead, or haul me every which way like Ruby did. He was well-behaved, and a perfect gentleman when we passed other dogs. He’ll be a great dog for anyone that owns a mansion.

IMAG1461-1OK, I promised you a surprise bundle, and here they are. Five little Boxer pups, just arrived in a van. I don’t know their story, sorry, as anyone I could see to ask was right in the middle of something else. So I went home for a pastie instead. Two and a half hours of brisk walking leads to an undeniable craving for pasties.

Oh, and yes, Todd (see yesterday’s post) has lived with cats and is four years old. However, the staff at Bleakholt are recommending he goes to live with a family used to Collies, as his behaviour is very collie-esque – he protects his food, nipping anyone who comes near, for example. Also, my common sense has prevailed – we WILL wait until after Scotland to begin looking for OUR dog. If nothing else, I’m learning that there’s a lot of lovely dogs that pass through Bleakholt. We’ll find one just right for us eventually.

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