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#Sundaypics Fringe

You know I said I was taking a few weeks off, and wasn’t setting a theme for a while? That didn’t sit well with you lot, who decided you were going to do your own #Sundaypics anyway, and sod The Wombat. Possibly because a couple of the early pics were of that sort, an informal theme developed of “Animals Arses”, and most pics were of that. My OCD kicked in, and I collected the pics out of habit – I present them to you here to hover your mice over in order to read stuff. You lot are barmpots, and I love you dearly.

@alexbrightsmith - Spent ages trying to get this lot to co-operate & look the right way, but this was my favourite shot anyway@baronhawkey - 1 Always been a flat cat until we moved into our house@annieandmorris - Morris was most upset when I asked if I could photograph is bum hole



@baronhawkey - 2@caddac23 - Bob's bum@captain_doodle - Hmm, no animal arses in my collection, but here's a cat in a basket



@bugjemm - Jinx's bottom 1@bugjemm - Jinx's bottom 3@bugjemm - Jinx's bottom 2


@chickenprincess - well that made me think of this pic I took at San Diego Zoo in Sept@davidtims-View from our car in SL ('99). Always makes me chuckle@davidgilray - Ria & Rosa in Johnstown


@dbrereton - Any number of arseholes@elsieassap@dbrereton - no #sundaypics this week. This is a photo without a theme, but makes up for lack of sun #sundaypics


@flylilypad -  Everyone else is doing animal arses for #sundaypics@girlthing63 - Not really his arse, but he was running away @flylilypad -  This is a photo of the dullness of Sundays with no #sundaypics



@greythorne - blue tit bum@jaxbourne - Beetles Bum@greythorne - rat bum


@hallmork - oh I've got one looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp!! Oops wrong end@jimtheSG - @hallmork - that's much nicer view


@julietims - Not strictly an animal arse pic but this should do. #sundaypics @wombat37 (Warrington Hospital)@lilianlouvaine - I took a similar one of elephants at Twycross last summer@knocknascheagh - One dogs arse coming up for the #sundaypics @wombat37, shes been skiding on it all morning, so should be fairly clean



@macjude - our tea towel holder @mizzlizwhizz - here are two deer arses in the distance@mizzlizwhizz - After following me round in a circle 3 times the dog finally stayed put


@nyncompoop - arse@sarahhanner - Does my bum look big in this @PabloTheDonkey - always wanted to enter a pic but never had a pic for any of your themes


@sjnewton - As it's animal arses for informal #sundaypics today, here's some from Whipsnade in 2007. Bonus cute baby ele@wombat37 - for the #SUNDAYPICS Fringe, here's @GoodBoyBen & @CleverGirlBuffy@stabwild - I've got a cow bum, but I can't find it, so heres a goat bum, mid poo


@butmadnnw - No butts in phone, but here's Chaucer in a sink@marcomunkeh - #sundaypics fringe! Me & platypus dude with some reindeer arses in the background@kivadapup - I dunno what an 'arse' is, but here's my munkeh, who I luv


@emmaloopy -  Molly says 'HI'

@emmyloopy - georgymog says hi too

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