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#SUNDAYPIXreflections – 1st February 2015

Dreaming Spire Here’s your new one – mirrors, rivers, thoughts, boobs – send us your – wait, not boobs, that’s just me – photographs of…




Take photographs of something reflecty. Post your pics to Twitter on Sunday (including the hashtag #SUNDAYPIXreflections in your tweet) and see how many people other people have the same idea. As ever, photographs must be yours (or your family’s or your secret lover’s) – nowt just nicked off the internet. Yes, you can post an old pic you’ve previously taken, or even one from your family history. Follow the hashtag (click on it in any tweet or add a column to your app) on Sunday to see what others have made of the theme. You are encouraged, nay ordered, to comment on other Sundaypickers’ tweets and snigger.

It’s all done with Mirrors

Before we start with the pics, let me point you to THIS BLOG POST by @vegmers, since it adds rather a nice commentary to the usual #Sundaypics photo. Go on – click it, it’s lovely.

Right, ready for some more wombatesque gibberish? Let’s get on with it!

01avensarah-A joint contribution from @Alliterative and me, for It's All Done with Mirrors- The Other Baby

03fbishwife-Help my baby is trapped inside a toy02babymakingfilesFirst up a joint contribution from @avensarah and @Alliterative – The Other Baby. Aw, lookit the gorgeous smile and the dead giraffe! This is followed up by six – count ‘em – SIX cool looking shade-wearing @babymakingfiles. It’s like The Matrix and she’s just about to shoot lots of walls. On the right is a baby trapped inside a toy – it’s a mini @fbishwife. Not @fbishwife herself as a baby, you understand, although you might be forgiven for thinking that cos it’s a black and white photograph like from the 1920s when she was born.

04greythorne-me reflected in a giant tuba

06scullyscully-A selection of pop music for you05white76-Charlie refection at 3 months old - jaxbourne said Oh my @MannyMunkeh is in your pic tooOn your left, a wibbly pic of @greythorne reflected in a giant tuba – maybe even the same giant tuba that we saw at the Chatsworth tweetup last September. In the middle, @white76 has stolen @avensarah’s mirror. The thief’s son is reflected, aged 3 months AWW! The pic prompted @jaxbourne to observe that @MannyMunkeh is in the pic too – that simian gets everywhere! Clever stuff on the right from @scullyscully – a selection of reflective pop music. Very nice!


07sjnewton-washroom infinity British Museum, September 200709davestaton-Entwistle reservoir like a mirror08sarahpez-my favourite mirrorAn infinity of sinks – a sinkfinity if you will – from @sjnewton, taken in the washroom at the British Museum in September 2007. In the middle, @sarahpez’s favourite mirror. I can see your elbow! Also a cutey cute baby pic. To the right, one of those pics that I nick and put into my collection of Desktops, from which a little program chooses randomly each day. This is from @davestaton – Entwistle reservoir like a mirror. Can’t stop looking at it.

10belfegore-Self-portrait with mirror12crofty- 'it's all done with mirrors' - nope, it's all done with contortion, again. stretches shoulders11oldmotherriley-a trumpet and some Tunbridge WareWhy, who is this handsome chap wiping bogies on a mirror with an interesting aquatic frame? Tis no other but Man of Mystery, @belfegore, with his “Self-portrait with mirror”. The centrepiece shows us beautiful reflections of some Tunbridgeware in a trumpte. The things we see on #Sundaypics, eh travellers? This from @oldmotherriley. And then there’s Old Man @crofty’s entry – “’it’s all done with mirrors’?” he squeaks, “nope, it’s all done with contortion, again”. *stretches shoulders*. See the gorgeous chandelier there? There’s a couple of pics near the end which may well explain that.

13lilianlouvaine-Mr Lil accidentally taking his own photo in the wing mirror on way to Oban last November15macjude-My friend Max and I using a Jaguar fighter jet as a mirror at the Tate Britain

14underbundle-Junk in the hallway actually looks quite goodGorgeous sky in the photo on the left, and if you can tear your eyes away from that you’ll probably make out Mr. @lilianlouvaine accidentally taking his own photo in the wing mirror on way to Oban last November. Remember the mirror in the middle? NO? Oh come on, didn’t you read the previous blog? It’s @underbundle’s Magic Mirror, which has the unfathomable power of making the junk in the hallway actually look quite good. Finally on the right there, the curvy @macjude and her friend Max use a Jaguar fighter jet as a mirror at the Tate Britain. Yes, your bum does look big in that.

16skydivemacca-My first go at SUNDAYPICS hot on the heels of regular photo-er @macjude - I'm taking the photo18m73ichelle-reflections early-ish! Been taken out for my constitutional by the dog

17mannymunkeh- it's like looking in a mirror dudesNow THIS photo is GLORIOUS! Take a look at the large version for the full effect. First, the expressions in the foreground – amused resignation, according to @ariadnes_web – are priceless. Deeper we go, into the mirrow to find the taker of this work of art, @skydivemacca, whose first go at SUNDAYPICS this is. Note the expression of a man serious about his photography. As if that wasn’t enough, delve deeper in for an infinity of mirrors. Wonderful stuff, and this week’s winner of an hour of Wombat Lurve. You lucky boy. @mannymunkeh never fails to delight, the mischievous little tinker, and he fools us here into thinking there actually IS a mirror. Also – could this be the first full length nude that #sundaypics has seen? On the right is another wallpaper for my laptop – @m73ichelle took these reflections early –ish, having been taken out for a constitutional by the dog.

19ameadey-sorry been really busy today. But here's our effort21ericafairs-the worst mirror in the house. You know, the one you look into when you've just got up20ariadnes_web-Bit of a carry-on every morning but I do love to wear makeup and it's all done with mirrors“Sorry been really busy today” is the apology from @ameadey (not sure why one was needed, since she did post a picture, but there you go), “But here’s our effort”. Harry Potter and the Levy Mirror. One day I’m going to steal those kids away, cos they’re great. Here comes @ariadnes_web with an explanation for all the gubbins in her photo, which is in the middle up there – “Bit of a carry-on every morning but I do love to wear makeup and it’s all done with mirrors”. Make up? Do most women wear make-up? I thought they all had a natural beauty, because of course they all do. Here’s another natural beauty, @ericafairs, with a photo of “the worst mirror in the house. You know, the one you look into when you’ve just got up”. It’s a bit too well lit for that, surely?

23littlebit_bod-My favourite mirror25jaxbourne-Guess who I love it's all done with mirrors at mine24cymraescochOh look, my writing space has gone into a little bit in the middle. Interesting. Anyway, that glorious confection on the left is from @littlebit_bod and is her favourite mirror. Above are two demon rabbits from @cymraescoch – it looks like a scene from Night of the Lepus. Yes, the film about killer rabbits. And finally the mirror symbol from @jaxbourne who says “Guess who I love?”. I don’t know, the salesman down at Wilko’s? Oh no, hang on – it’s that Prince feller, isn’t it, Mr. Nelson?

28ironthighs-Here you go- bathroom cow26little_mavis-The student's mirrors27widget53-Em decorated this mirror (with a little help from Granny) for J and I's wedding anniversary last MarcHere’s Wombette Major’s room in her student house in Lancaster – including her mirrors, courtesy of my @little_mavis. You can see Wombette in the mirror look! In the middle, well I’ll let @widget53 explani – “Em decorated this mirror (with a little help from Granny) for J and I’s wedding anniversary last March”. J, as Widgy-followers will know, is her beloved. Obviously. And finally, a bathroom cow, which looks VERY angry. Yikes. Methinks @ironthighs is trying to give us nightmares.

29nixylulu-tis my avatar. Can you not see it31shouldbeinbed-rich30moynsquidgeim-I give you the nicest pub toilets I've ever found… sadly the rest of the pub was not this prettyNow, I know that @nixylulu has changed her Twitter name, although she’s still as perky as the photo on the left there would imply. Can’t remember her new name though. I’m sure it’ll come to me when I’m playing Dragon Age or summat. Into the centre now, for the winner of the Nicest Pub Toilets Award. This pic is from @moynsquidgeim, who unfortunately says that the rest of the pub was not that pretty, which is probably why she doesn’t tell us the name of the pub. i love the photo on the right from @shouldbeinbed. It makes me feel all nostalgic for when I was a bus conductor (yes, conductor – I’m that old).

32snowgirl1972- the only downstairs mirror. I should probably sort that out34thom_white- it really is all done with mirrors33mallrat_ukIt’s Helen! And her kitchen floor is obviously a damn sight cleaner than ours, cos she’s sitting on it. The woman that is @snowgirl1972 says this is “the only downstairs mirror. I should probably sort that out”. Why bother, when the floor’s so clean? Then we have a bed scene from @mallrat_uk. Now my eyes aren’t great, and my laptop wasn’t provided by NCIS, but bear me out here readers – she’s sleeping with a giant Kermit, isn’t she? Nice painting by the way. OOOH KALEIDOSCOPE! From @thom_white – we used to be given those by the rag and bone man in exchange for crap.35heidivodka-compact mirror and photobooth37sarahtregear-I was in very posh hotel and on my way to a fancy dress party36fraggle_red23-Try again... Nature's very own mirrorArt on the left is from @heidivodka, using a compact mirror and something called photobooth. Here’s another wallpaper for me from @fraggle_red23 – absolutely gorgeous, and the picture’s good too. Nature’s very own mirror. On the right; can anyone guess why this might be my favourite photograph this week? Of course you can – just look at that gorgeous wardrobe behind @sarahtregear! Terrific. Sarah tells us “I was in very posh hotel and on my way to a fancy dress party” Yeah right.

38mikeybaer-Me, wearing my favourite Wasps top reflected in my favourite mirror in my favourite room40richlieu_uk-best I can do self portrait in tinfoil robot39xkylet-Me, holding a mirror, taking a pic of myself holding that mirrorHere’s a gorgeous creature. It’s that @mikeybaer, wearing his favourite Wasps top reflected in his favourite mirror in his favourite room. Favourite! The one in the middle makes my brain hurt, a la Gumby. It’s of @xkylet, holding a mirror, taking a pic of himself holding that mirror. Erm… And then there’s @richlieu_uk, doing his best with a self portrait in a tinfoil robot. Or summat.

41RHSFB12-reflective lake in New Zealand via my brother43island252-Here we've got not one mirror, but TWO 42ceee_j-sneaking in at the last minute with a terrible picWooooo, look at this one! If you look at it sideways and squint it looks a bit like a ladygarden. Or is that just me? Thank you @RHSFB12 for the photo of a reflective lake in New Zealand via her brother. @ceee_j sneaks in at the last minute with a “terrible pic”. I notice that he’s naked… now what on earth can one get up to naked late at night? Beats me. And thirdly, we have two mirrors for the price of one from the delectable @island252. Very nice.45alezed43island252-this is a window, but I figured it was close enough to a mirror... but if not, here's a mirror next44binarydad-heres one - Mirror BoyAnd here she is again, this time in a window, “but I figured it was close enough to a mirror”. And of course it is, for I have no rules in The House of Sundaypics. Stonking photo in the middle from Mr. @binarydad. He calls this one “Mirror Boy”. And finally a pic from 45alezed, about which I can only say is that a pre-Raphaelite on the opposite wall?

46crofty-Here's another great mirror. This house is lovely (and people in it must've been vain48jamerz3294-African decor bathroom, blizzard outside in mirror's reflection47janine-I am not sure this is going to come thru to you..I took it with my cell driving home on very icy roads today@crofty’s back! “I know it’s late, but I’m in this conference room with a fabulous mirror. This house is lovely (and people in it must’ve been vain” Middle shot is from non-Twitter fan Janine in  SD, who says “I took this with my cell driving home on very icy roads today…It took me an hr to unclench my jaw after a 1 hr trip that took us over 2 hrs and passed several vehicles who did not make it, overturned and jack-knifed in the ditch…so this is my terror mirrors picture”. Jesus! On the right, @jamerz3294 shows us a world of contrasts with an African decor bathroom, and a blizzard outside in the mirror’s reflection.

49butmadnnw-taken in Balboa Park, San Diego, whilst @iseult1124 was visiting, Aug 2009.Dscf3233DSC01080@butmadnnw sent a rather nice water pic taken in Balboa Park, San Diego, whilst @iseult1124 was visiting her in Aug 2009. Then there’s my two. I couldn’t decide between “Wombat Amongst The Bras” and “Speccyfoureyes”, and when I asked Twitter, you were all split down the middle. Not physically, obviously. Feel free to put your hand over the one you don’t like. TTFN pilgrims!

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