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Unforgettable Mombat

Order of ServiceOn Monday 24th July 2017 we said ta-ra to my mum, ‘Mombat’ to many of you out there in Internet Land. Here’s a brief thing about what turned out to be a very moving and celebratory day. As our three-car cortege left her house we passed her regular postman, Andy. He would regularly pop in and make sure Mum was alright, and she loved to give him mints. As we passed he stood and saluted in an emotional tribute, bless him.

“Blimey, she wasn’t half heavy”

cemeteryThe chapel at Poulton New Cemetery is small, and beautiful. My nephews, tall as the clouds, helped bear the coffin in to the strains of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”, Mum’s favourite song. I don’t know how many the tiny chapel seats, but plenty of folk were left standing at the back as celebrant Jonathan Worthington began the service. Mum’s favourites, G-Line, had provided a coach to bring people to the service, since there was so little parking there, with Mum’s regular seat 3 left empty save for a picture of her, a simple gesture that touched my heart. Jonathan did us proud, taking us through Mum’s life, and including plenty of anecdotes to pay tribute to her humour as well as the song ‘Unforgettable’, which by crikey, she was. Mum had always told us that “if she went first”, she wanted bright colours and no religion, and Jonathan got it spot on. My sister Julie gave her own personal talk, and sang ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ with close friend Bernie, who called Mum ’Aunty Mum’. Brought a tear to my eye, so it did.

“Bye Mum, say hello to Dad for us”

After poems and more tributes, we moved out to the graveside accompanied by Andy Williams singing ‘Moon River’. Mum’s plot is between a Muriel and a Betty, so I reckon she’ll be alright for gossip. The pale sun hid behind a white veil as we held a short ceremony, including the poem ‘Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep’ which brought more tears to my eyes. I was amazed at how deep the grave was. We dropped pink carnations (which Dad used to buy Mum regularly) after the coffin, each saying our own goodbye. I noticed Kit kiss her carnation before letting it fall.

“I don’t want a sit down meal, I want a bloody buffet”

CErylars and coach ferried us across town for the wake. At the Golf Club, large screens were showing a slideshow of photos from throughout Mum’s life, and a banner announced ‘Jeanne’s Jolly Send Off’. A memory tree slowly grew leaves as people wrote their Mum memories and tied them on. Mum’s favourite singer, Eryl, had travelled up from Wales, and sang a selection of songs beautifully. Her rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ The Slush (apparently)had my eyes rimmed with tears again. Mostly, though, we had a right good knees-up, with Eryl leading Mum’s friend May (who had travelled from Llandudno by taxi) and assorted ladies in a dance. Sod it, even I danced – blame the Bailey’s. And it was wonderful to meet Auntie Janet and John again, whom I haven’t seen for about five hundred years, and be reminded by Bernie of the flat I lived in at University back in the last century, where spaghetti hung from the ceiling.

“No, Nay, Never”

As the wake wound up and we said goodbye to the kind people who had come along, we hard-core family hied us away to my sister’s sunny, green garden, where we chatted and laughed and sang many songs. Mum would have loved it.




Once again, an impromptu #SUNDAYPICS sprang up during what was officially a weekend off. In honour of Mother’s Day, lots of you posted pics of Mums of whom you were rightly proud. It wouldn’t be polite to invoke my usual sarcasm when talking about your Mamas, so I’ll just fling the pictures up. Hover over each photo to see who it was from, and what they said. Click on it to see a larger version. Enjoy!

@ericafairs - My lovely Mum, aged about 21. How she would like to be remembered@_aaronkelly - Not a great pic but one with my mum and Lesley's@alexbrightsmith - Mum hates to be photographed & has a history of telekinetically inducing light leaks, but this one survived@andrewmaginley - My Mum on our old front porch on Staten Island New York, where I was born.@ariadnes_web - My Mum and Dad on their 50th wedding anniversary.@arthurwhippet - This is me and my mum! Her name is Betty.She lives with @JanetHorsfield@avensarah - Since my mom might not appreciate the pic of her I posted earlier, here's one of her & me together@avensarah - Today we are out in tshirts, digging the garden. (Also, that's my mom.)@beanobundle - My 2nd (adoptive) Mother who died in 1983. (Now onto my 3rd Mother)@bhiggi - My lovely Mam having a rest in 1963@bottyb - And here's a more recent picture of my Ma @bottyb - Me and my mum pinching turkey at Christmas@bottyb - Probably my favourite picture of me and my mum@butmadnnw - Looks like fringe #sundaypics is mums. US Mother's Day isn't until May, but here's mine w @mrteller@chazlet - my mum at 19yrs old getting ready for a night out... Awesome picture isn't it @chickenprincess - My grandmother. A mum to me, and so much more. She died when I was 10 and I still miss her every day@davidgilray - My mum relaxing on the patio. Aden 1966.@dawbes - Again at aunty Pats house. Can't excuse the clothing but I LOVED that top. Given to me by a special friend@dawbes - Here's a rare picture of mum when she was able to walk. She was fucking amazing. I was 6. Let up twitter@dawbes - I think this was Christmas drinks at 'aunty' Pats house. I was about 10. Mum reminds me of Cilla Black here@dawbes - The last picture we had taken together  It has pride of place at up home.  Mothers are amazing@dr_steph_ - Happy Mother's day!! We both still look very similar to that and yet also very different

@macjude - Here's mine with the Bengal @littlemammy - here's me and my mum. So my grumpy default expression stems from back then@nyncompoop - me and my mum. Just after being born. My mum looks about 12. She was 25@little_mavis - And my mum@jinjamagarrity - me (right) mom (middle) and Aunty J have a right old giggle at something on my 21st@essers - Donald & Pauline Ashworth (aka Dad & Mum)@essers - Here is a picture for #sundaypics, of me, my mother, and her mother, and her mother @fbishwife - me & my mum@fuckimfortyone - Here's my favourite picture of my beautiful mother x@girlthing63 - Haven't been able to celebrate Mother's day with her for 41 years. But she was the best@hebbie - my mum@heidivodka - Me and my mum with my nephews@hinnyhlw - The three stooges, or my mum, my sister and me (@lyanya58, @KatieWilliamso2)@hugeshark - Here is my mum. She's as silly as I am.@jayalay - my first #SUNDAYPICS! - mum and me at my graduation the star of the show was the hat, of course@judehale - I'll have to #sundaypics too. Here is me with @essers, @torialouise, their mum & dad, my mum & @HaleGC@kateordeath - Although I acknowledge that this may well be a better picture of me and @lauriepink@kateordeath - And THIS is a picture of me and my @lauriepink, toasting marshmallows and being DELIGHTED@kateordeath - This is me and my @essers on my 18th birthday. See our matching smiles@katycoo - my mum, rocking lipstick & excellent nails, shortly after giving birth. i'm the small person in the middle.

@robertcorkesq - my children's mum @nyncompoop - Oh a more up to date picture of my mum. @och23 - not sure exactly what my mum is doing here but it looks like she is having fun@robertcorkesq - my mum (and other assorted people)@sarahhanner - My Mum With my Dad before they were married. Gorgeous pair my Pa was 6 foot  then and he looks like a midget! Odd perspective, must be@sarahpez - love's young dream. Mum & dad on holiday 2011@sarahtregear - my mum holding me (my dad and gparents) at a wedding in 1974. I've worn my mum's outfit to 70's parties @sarahtregear - This is my mum with her mum in 1976 just before my nan died @scullyscully - Here's my lovely mum for impromptu@shrewuntamed - My favourite picture of Ma, on her birthday two years ago. At a Sausage Throwing Contest@smiththewhippet - This is us & our mum,Missy! Me, Ceef (@GypandCeef) white bums. Pogo (@dograd) facing the camera@snowgirl1972 - a #sundaypics for @abbbi @willy_gilly & @lizziestuart_ #mums@snowgirl1972 - ok, #sundaypics looked through a load of pics my dad sorted, presume this is from his wallet so well before my time@sophihardwicke - @wombat37 #SUNDAYPICS My mum, mid-giggling fit after a long night on the, ahem, Travel Scrabble@sundayhandbag - My mother, aged about three, I think. Which wd have been in 1920 or thereabouts@superblouse - Last year my mother tried a burger for the first time ever. She's 64. (I'll have to delete that later)@underbundle - Me Mum 'n' me #sundaypics Some will have seen this before@waywardlou - My mum, me, and my brother. My brother is the pretty 1 on the right. I'm the boyish 1 on the left @wombat

@petitlowry - My mum at Christmas; my two favourite things in one picture

@pixki - my mum (& dad) @pixki - My Nana @quantumtree - My granmum and mummum keeping up the family tradition back in the day They are cleaning fish. The women folk in my family used to go camping a lot and we would catch our own food

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