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Dapper dogs

And a nameless collie (not Oscar) in a Pokemon onesieThought you might enjoy a few photos of Twitter dogs that have appeared in my Timeline recently. But first a caveat. I appreciate the dressing of a dog for only short periods, and only then if the dog is able to remove whatever is draped on them. Strapped-on cossies where Rover can’t escape, like the Pokemon on the right, go too far for me. But these below are OK I reckon…. in the photos where the dog is unhappy at the undermining of their dignity (like the one of Ben in his antlers), the ‘costume’ is easily removed with a paw. And Dave in his wings… well, Dave is Happy Dave no matter what’s occurring. We’ll start with @LassieOscar preventing the CIA from ‘activating’ his brain.

daveThis is LassieOscar. Had to take precautions against CIA signals to activate him. Be vigilant enemies abound








Benere's EnglishSpaniel as a security guard in his tight black T








& finally for our PetHead campaign.There are more-sorry to go on mana4teeHis expression reminds me of Oscar in his birthday party hat








Luna has many guises - the first is Russian Lady mana4teethen we have Witchy Lu mana4tee








oh yes! Fancy Dress competition, she went as Hyacinth Bouquet darylking








also SuperCooLu mana4tee

SuperDog mana4tee












Oh yes, and this cat insisted on getting in on the act….


Teddy’s Adventures

P teddyadventure 17

P teddyadventure 02P teddyadventure 08P teddyadventure 09P teddyadventure 10P teddyadventure 10aP teddyadventure 11P teddyadventure 12P teddyadventure 14P teddyadventure 15P teddyadventure 16JoustingP teddyadventure 18P teddyadventure 19P teddyadventure 20P teddyadventure 194

The bone-eating snot-flower worm

Osedax mucofloris, seen alive, growing on the surface of a whale boneSounds lovely, doesn’t it? But look how pretty it is! I recently discovered this little beauty in my occasional quest for fascinatingly odd creatures. It’s actually Osedax mucofloris, “osedax” meaning ‘bone-eating’, and “mucofloris” meaning – well, you can guess. It was discovered in 2005 on the remains of a dead whale in Kosterfjord on the Swedish coast. The whale had been dead for months, and had already been stripped to the bone by scavenging denizens of the deep. The worm looked like pretty pink flowers growing out of the bones.

Entire Osedax mucofloris animal, dissected out from a whale bone Scientists, as is their nature, dug the flowers out and found that the other half of the animal (the ‘root’) was buried inside the bone, presumably obtaining nutrients from it. The picture over on the right there shows the whole animal. That woolly mass down at the bottom is its ‘root’ system.

The BESFW (as my can’t-be-arsed-typing-the-full-name fingers now call it) is a type of annelid worm, and related to creatures like ragworms, leeches and even the good old earthworm. So far, it has only been discovered on two whale skeletons, those of a minke and a pilot, and both in the same fjord.

Experts ‘guess’ that it’s actually pretty widespread in the Atlantic, although that’s going to be hard to prove given that whale skeletons are REALLY hard to find on the ocean floor.

Fertilised eggs of Osedax mucofloris being released into the water columnThe BESFW exhibits very strong sexual dimorphism – that is, the males do not develop into mature adults, and (rather like human males) remain as big kids all their lives. They are attached to the sides of the female, and fertilise her eggs as they are released into the water (see worm porn, left).

I have as yet no information on why they didn’t call it “The Pretty Pink Flowery Worm”, or for my Northern readers, how they taste when fried.

Cats in the Sun

On a gloriously Springy sunshiney day like today, what could be more relaxing than watching a cat enjoying the fine warmth? Here’s a few having fun around our house.


Google’s Mr. Men

To mark what would have been the 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, Google is today giving us no less than 16 rather wonderful Google doodles based on Hargreaves’ Mr. Men characters. To see them all, you can either refresh the Google home page lots of times, giving your F5 key a rare work-out, or just peruse them below. Mr. Bump’s my favourite – what’s yours?

Mr. Bumpbump


Little Miss Chatterboxchatterbox


Little Miss Curiouscurious


Mr. Dizzydizzy


Mr. Forgetfulforgetful


Mr. Funnyfunny


Mr. Happyhappy


Little Miss Magicmagic


Mr. Messymessy


Little Miss Naughtynaughty


Mr. Rushrush


Little Miss Shyshy


Mr. Slowslow


Little Miss Sunshinesunshine


Mr. Tickletickle


Little Miss Tinytiny

A pair of cats

Just caught Midge, our lofty tortoiseshell cat, “helping” daughter Cat with her art.DSC07344 Here’s Cat’s take on the situation –True_Story_by_IckleRayOfSunshine

For more of Cat’s wonderful work, click this thingy here: Cat’s gallery on Deviant Art

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