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Another kind of Moth Girl

A moth girlI dashed off a small poem this morning (my version of doodling, I suppose), and it was only after I came to post it here that I realised I was imagining moth-girls again. I wonder if this says anything about me, other than a lack of originality? Whatever, here it is.


She flutters

as a silversoft moth;

her lifedance lights my dark existence

and sets a flame in this ancient dry soul.

She flutters closer.

A free verse poem for Kiddo after a shitty day

You inspire me to write poetry. Yes, you doetry.
You are witty like a katana, loyal as an oak, more lovable than a sneezing piglet.
You are faithful, loyal and compassionate. Like a Labrador. With slightly less hair.
You are cooler than the other side of the pillow.

You are my most loyal and trusted advisor.
I would follow you into bloody battle, in a kilt, in the rain.
If we were marooned on a desert island, I’d be very sad when I had to eat you.
I’d help you move heavy stuff any time you asked. Even if it’s not your stuff.

Wiser than ten Yodas you are.
In a fight, you could beat two sharks, a bear and five ducks.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s you, you massive legend.
You’re my kind of weird.


The Darker Playground

Close you are, yet distant.
Afar but at my fingertips, I
Reach across oceans
In dreams and wishes
And take your hand. We

Inspired by this post on The Darker Playground.

Crowd-sourced Poetry

People will often tell you that “Twitter’s full of awful people” and “It’s crap”. But I say “Nay!” and strike an impressive pose, hands on hips and chin thrusting sternly out. Then I realise I’m naked and hide behind a curtain while I remind you of these beautiful examples of Twitter being lovely. So direct those grumpy gits at this to convince them of the goodness in Twitter.




Poems: crowd-sourced poetry FTW

Crowd-sourced poetry, eh? Who’d have thought that it would be so much fun? The finished articles turned out to be rather special, as you’ll see and hear here. You complete stars, you. I reckon these deserve as wide an audience as possible, so feel free to pimp the shit out of this particular post. Oh, and thanks to @little_mavis for the original idea, and @matcochr for being a boffin. After the ‘official’ videos, you’ll find a collection of extra poems that various folks were inspired to post. I’m not sure I spotted them all, so if you posted a poem that I didn’t include, I do apologise.

Albert and the Lion, by Marriott Edgar

Awww, pretty eyes….

The Battle of Hastings, by Marriott Edgar

Scaryarse cat-person-Brian May cross.

The Licorice Fields of Pontefract, by John Betjeman


Clive the Fearless Birdman by Pam Ayres

Cousin Itt.

Here are the Extras that I spotted in the #SUNDAYPICS timeline. There’s such a variety of types of poem, though all well read; I advise you to give them all a listen. I’ll start with one that sounds so sexy it could be used as a seduction tape. Rather disappointingly, it’s about a lumberjack.

@shrewuntamed, Le Boucheron Eustache

@andromedababe, Shush by Irv Graham

@ladylittleton, When We Two Parted by Lord Byron

@och23, Time by Valerie Bloom

@mizzlizwizz, Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

@jackpot73, Rain by Raymond Carver

@wombat37, Swearin’ Jim by Leonard Henry

@ladylittleton, Whoso List to Hunt by Thomas Wyatt

@alexbrightsmith, A Blade of Grass by Brian Patten

@shrewuntamed, My Granny by Beryl Cook

@greythorne, Hunter Trials by John Betjeman

@andromedababe, Lenten Thoughts of a High Anglican by John Betjeman

@ladylittleton, Antigone’s speech by Seamus Heaney

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