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Best Photo Ever?

OK, it’s time we decided this once and for all. That @siveraudi2 keeps banging on about the first of these photos below being the best one ever, but I’ve found a dozen others that I reckon can give it a run for its money. Have a look through them and then vote for your favourite using the poll at the bottom. Let’s see if B’s correct.

1. Laughing camel girlBpEV16ECYAA1RQj


2. Squirrel puppet ladyBm99GQqCMAAcrkt


3. Oh, you’re back earlyBmABuFNCQAEmBCQ


4. Nazi foot milk512202b299d97


5. Oompaloompa rabbit distress1872060


6. Proud sewing machine ownerBnV0o4jCAAAq7wa


7. Donkey ridedonkey on back


8. Mounted policeFCK THE POLICE. bhahaha NSFW dont know_fc8257_3532788


9. Stormtrooper kittenenhanced-buzz-32471-1300477826-20


10. Tractor planeGeorge


11. Panda ninja panda


12. The first rule of Fight ClubVintage-Womens-Fight-Club


13. Feline groovywtf-hilarious-vintage-old-timey-black-and-white-photos6


Fancy an audiobook? OK, but which one?

bookspines2.jpgEvening! Bit of help, please? I’m considering making available audio versions of my books (well, the fiction at least). Which tale would you rather listen to? The thrilling adventures of talking rabbits, sexy & mysterious derring-do, or steampunky science fiction (which would be shorter and therefore cheaper than the others)? If you could, please let me know using the poll below. I’ll love you forever. Ta.

The Name of my Sword









Look, it’s my new sword that I bought at EXPO in Manchester. I’ve waved it about a lot now, and worked out how to stand so it looks well cool. All I need is a bazzing name for said weapon.

DSCF7668Over on the right there, above what is usually an ad for bras, is a poll containing the most popular names suggested by my Twitter followers. Obviously I have a favourite, but I thought it’d be fun for you lot to vote for your favourites.

Dscf7659Even if I don’t use the winner for the sword itself, I will use it either for the scabbard or for my next born child. So go! Vote away!

New important poll…

… about sauce. It’s on the right there. Look, there –>

izqtcNo THERE. Look where I’m pointing! Above the bra advert, sheesh. Mmmmm bras. The result of the Shakespeare poll, by the way, was that those of you who loved it at school outnumbered those who hated it by a majority of 2:1. Go Willie.


(photograph courtesy of, and copyrighted by, the delectable @snowgirl1972)

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