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Planet of the Knob Heads



Cannibal Crabs Crawl to Kill

Surely cannibal crabs would be eating other crabs? Ah well,Pulp mags never were big on the logic.

hairy otter 07

Bring out the hostages of Hitler’s passion cave

How DO teenage beatniks get to be that way? By being between the ages of 13 and 19, I suppose, and wearing black turtleneck sweaters, berets and dark glasses while playing bongos.


Chewed to bits by giant turtles

She’s not helping much, is she? “I’ll show them my cleavage, perhaps that will frighten them odd!”


The Teenage Nazi She-wolves of Berlin


Smouldering bodies that ached for forbidden love


If their bodies are aching, why don’t they just take some paracetamol? You’d think they’d know that, being nurses. Also, I must say I do like the new NHS uniform modelled in the foreground here.

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