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The Sausage League Phenomenon – first season review

sausage titleFinal table - click to embiggenA year or so ago, when I first idly photographed the goodies on display in the hot cabinet of my local takeaway, I little realised what magnificence I was unleashing. One or two followers on Twitter began to guess how many sausages there would be, then each week a few more would join in. It became a beautifully silly oasis in a desert of depressing world news. Eventually I realised that you lot needed some sort of reward for your enthusiasm for the ridiculous, and the league itself was born.

Golden_Sausage__77146.1426088205.400.400The final table for the inaugural season is over there on the right. I doubt you’ll manage to read it without clicking to see the larger version. @MoorseyL’s thrilling run of four spot-ons and a 4-pointer in the final five games saw her surge from 19th to within a chipolata of the top. She just failed, however, to overcome the mighty @Jayalay’s long-standing lead, built on a consistent closeness to actual sausage presence.

Averages Table - click to embiggenPerhaps @MoorseyL’s disappointment on just missing the glittering prize will be eased by the news that she topped the averages table. Both @MoorseyL and @Jayalay win an actual prize for their sausage expertise, and can choose any of my pocketbooks, which I’ll sign so that it’s worth more when I cock me clogs.

Other stats: @MoorseyL scored the most spot-ons during the campaign, five – just one more than hot-and-cold, injury-prone performer @ekctafc. My most consistent predictor was the luscious @kjcollard, whose “one lonely sausage” did not miss a single week.

beastMy most disappointing moment? That no-one drew me a sausage beast after this @magentakoru tweet. And so the #SausageLeague season draws to a close. It will be back after the summer break, when EFL2 kicks off next year. During the close season, we will be playing Pie Cricket, which is nothing at all like cricket but that’s what folk play in the summer.

Finally, thank you all so very much for being as daft as brushes, and making #SausageLeague such a ridiculous success.

Pie Cricket

In this photo there are 9 pies, 4 of them upside down.Basically #SausageLeague with pies, but with an added twist. In #PieCricket you have to predict the number of pies that will be on display at the takeaway (so far, so much-the-same), and will score points just as with the sausages. However, should you also successfully guess how many of these pies will be upside down, you get to take an opponent’s wicket. Each player starts with three wickets, and if they drop to zero will score NO points the following week UNLESS they get a spot-on. Then they’ll bob back up to three wickets, obv. I have ZERO idea how/whether this will work well, but it’s only for a few weeks until the sausages start again, so let’s see, shall we?


Comfort Foods

As usual, Sunday is a day of collecting #SUNDAYPICS, and today’s theme of Comfort Food prompted me to have a quick look back through our photos to discover a random collection of comfort foods that I have thought worth taking a picture of. Here they are, foods to improve your mood, in no particular order. Be warned, there’s quite a few. I obviously enjoy photographing food.

My American readers may like to view this as an introduction to typical British food.

First up – fried eggs from our own hens, on a toasted muffin, with Snowgirl Sauce (copyright @snowgirl1972). Gorgeous colours, eh?


Fresh cream apple turnover now – perfect with a glass of rosé.


Next up – home-baked chocolate cake. This one was for Cat’s last birthday: guess who got to scrape out the bowl.


These little mini-waffles from ASDA are inexplicably delicious and addictive. Here they are nestling up to a home-made chilli.


If you’re in the mood for faggots, you can do no better than Mr. Brain’s – the best.


PIES! Take your pick – which is your personal favourite?


Pick Your Own strawberries – you can’t get fresher, or tastier, than when you’ve just plucked them yourself.


To some it may seem boring, but I adore a simple cheese sandwich with really fresh salady stuff. No dressing, please.


Go on admit it – you’re impressed by the size of this one, aren’t you. Hot dog, fried onions, mustard, ketchup – the perfect fill-up when you’re pissed as a fart.


Chippy chips! Proper fat chips splattered with salt and vinegar. Yum.


Chinese takeaway – a Friday night special.


A nice cup of tea and a cream scone. Elevenses.


Pub lunch number 1 – Gammon Steak Sarnie, a big Cornish, and froffee coffee.


Fresh veg from the Farmers Market – oh, the possibilities.


Pub lunch number 2 – Calf Brains and mustard and a pint of bitter you can’t see. (not really; tis beef that I’d piled up weirdly).


Poppets Chocolate Raisins. Mmmmmmm.


Home-baked mince pies, courtesy of @little_mavis.


A fry-up breakfast. Note the absence of egg, cos we were in Scotland and didn’t have any, but the addition of fried fruit pud, cos we were in Scotland and DID have some.


Various delights from the German market in Manchester. Insert YOUR joke here.


Chocolatey marshmallowey nutty ice-cream mix on a sunny day at Beacon Farm near Whitby. The BEST ice-creams ever. No, really.


Quatermass Breakfast

An American friend of mine (yes, I’m talking about you, Viv Hargrave) has introduced me to this…. I’m trying to think of an appropriate word here… Godzilla of a breakfast. Look at it – its humungous. It looks like something from Quatermass (Google it, you youngsters). Eat this for breakfast, and you wouldn’t be able to move for half a day. Only in America.breakfast-casserole-asp-mush-goat-cheese120blob

 Quatermass monster                          Breakfast casserole

I’m sure you’re dying to try it, so here’s the recipe. Oh, and if have any digestive problems later, don’t come running to me. Actually, after eating this, I think running to me would be physically impossible.

8 slices white bread, cut in cubes
1 lb. bulk pork sausage, crumbled & cooked
1 1/2 c. grated sharp cheddar cheese
10 lg. eggs
2 c. milk
2 tsp. dry mustard
Salt & pepper

  • Grease 9 x 13 inch glass baking pan.
  • Place bread in prepared dish. Top with sausage and cheese.
  • Beat together eggs, milk, dry mustard, salt and pepper. Pour over sausage mixture.
  • Bake at 350 degrees until puffed and centre is set. About 50 minutes. Cut into squares.

Can be prepared 1 day ahead and place in refrigerator. Cover until ready to bake.


So Cat had her first University interview-cum-lets-have-a-gander-at-your-art session yesterday, at Birmingham. After she had lugged her enormous portfolio through the door, I walked into the city for my first look at Britain’s second largest city.DSC00774 Um.

Can you say “uninspiring”? On a brief two-hour jaunt, it seemed nothing more than a tedious collection of chain stores put together in a boring layout. Even the ‘special’ Frankfurt Market paled into insignificance when compared with Manchester’s mighty Christmas German Markets. However, I did find THIS!DSC00775 Ho yes. Tasty, and entertaining to eat. While getting that little lot down me gob, I came across this outside the Bullring – he looks a bit grumpy, poor soul.DSC00776I was also amused by this sign outside the shopping centre, above a gadget shop –DSC00779  And that was about it. There was a pleasant (ish) view down one shopping street of a church and blocks of flats in the distance…DSC00777 … but honestly, the best thing about Birmingham as far as I can see is the hugely entertaining accent. I’ve tried to find a playable example to link to, but Google has let me down, so you’ll have to do it yourselves.

On my way back to fetch Cat, I did see another stall, which tempted me with its offers of delights outside my sphere of experience, but by then I was full of sausage and all the stuff I’d ladled onto it.DSC00780 Look! For twenty pence you can have cheese on your Ostrich Burger! Wonder if it is yak cheese?

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