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Blogging our recent US trip day by day, a month after the event.

6th December – Snow by the Missouri

Missouri snowI awoke to the news that The Shakers had won away at Rochdale in the FA Cup. It was therefore with a light heart that I climbed aboard Barry’s grasshopper* together with a huge dog (Ranger) and a tiny one (Cha Cha) for a ride along the Missouri shore. Snow still covered the river margin, sparkling in the sun, criss-crossed by the tracks of deer and wild turkey.

SunsetLater we visited Al’s Oasis again for a little shopping and more photography of ‘unusual’ American products, followed by a drive up the ridge to the west of the river for a sweeping overlook of the Missouri where it bends at Bad Hand Creek, and a magnificent sunset.

House decorated for ChristmasAs the sky darkened we made a little tour of Oacoma and Chamberlain to look at bright Christmas lights and displays. Imbued by the Christmas spirit we spent much of the evening drinking beer and binge-watching Naked and Afraid.

*totally not a euphemism. The Grasshopper is an off-road vehicle thingy. There’s a photo in this post from last year’s American adventure.



Blogging our recent US trip day by day, a month after the event.

1st December – From desert to snow storm

Bye San DiegoFrom my travel journal – “High over snow-topped mountains, flying to the Twin Cities. Delta cookies for breakfast. Rob, bless him, hauled himself out of bed at 4:30am to drive us to Lindbergh Field for our early flight. The roads were surprisingly busy for such a deathly hour. San Diegans get moving EARLY. The snow/wind combo in South Dakota may prevent Janine & Barry getting to Sioux Falls to pick us up when… IF we get there, so we may have to faff about finding a hotel. We’ll know in a few hours”

MinneapolisWe took off into a bright sunrise in San Diego, and landed in a cold, snow-coated Minneapolis. Once I’d connected with the free WiFi I received a text from Janine – “We have had around eleven inches of snow, and high winds are spreading it across the roads which are barely passable. There is a hotel right by FSD, but I may just have found a way to get you here tonight. I’ll message again when I know for sure.”

De-icingWe were relieved to find the flight to Sioux Falls unaffected by the weather, although there was a short delay to de-ice the plane. A wazzock had brought his wazzocky Swegway thing on the plane and was trying to cram it under his seat. Wazzock got told off by the flight attendant, heh heh.

Spot the GaryComing into Sioux Falls we could see that it had clearly had far more snow than MSP – it was lying thick around the airport, and still falling lightly, kicked up by a stiff breeze. Another text from Janine – “I’ve arranged for you to have a lift with a guy from Jess’s hunting lodge, who is collecting some hunters from Louisiana. He’s in a big, heavy 4×4 and is used to driving in these conditions. He’s called Gary: I’ve never met him, but I’m told you need to look for someone who looks like a hunter.” Oookaaaay.

Scary driveI found Gary easily, by virtue of his bright orange cap – for those who don’t know, hunters wear orange to avoid being mistaken for deer. We crammed into the back of a HUGE 4×4 full of hunters and hunting equipment. The two hour journey was terrifying at times, snow Janine'sblizzarding horizontally across completely snow-covered highway. However, the hunters were friendly (though one mistook my Yorkshire acccent for German, possibly misled by the German flag on my jacket) and the 4×4 warm, though we were squeezed in tight.

We met Janine and Barry at Vets service station and said goodbye to “the lads”. Finally we slid into Janine’s driveway, and I swear their house looked like fairyland, glowing green in the snowscape. And relax…



My Garden in Snow

This was an impromptu Fringe #SUNDAYPICS that took place in February 2012. As usual with the fringe themes, I’ll simply pile the photos up and let you hover your cursor over each one to see who posted it and what they said at the time. Blogs of “Official” themes will remain as either me taking the piss out of each pic, or occasionally in video form. Tell you what, there are some cracking photos here.

@alexbrightsmith - Actually this was last year, when I didn't sleep through the photogenic stage (but about the same, honest)@alliterative - For the unofficial #sundaypics an update on the snowman limbo competition@aussi__chick - view from my room Did I do it right I'm a SundayPics virgin@avensarah - It seems a bit like cheating, but for the unofficial #sundaypics 'my garden in the snow'@bluemoonjules - My garden in (melting) snow@bugjemm - our garden in snow@chickenprincess My garden in the snow, containing two snowballing little pickles@davestaton - Our garden in the snow and a very giddy dog@dbrereton - Ha, I posted this earlier and now a fringe #sundaypics has risen to give it a home @emmalipton - the best view in the house@englishkirsty - we have no snow  #pah@greythorne - Most Boring Photo Ever@lottedh - our garden in the snow@luggermatt - our garden in the snow@MacJude - had to put a coat on my champagne@mallrat_uk my front and back garden@mallrat_uk my front and back garden 2@neillockwood@oldmotherriley - No witch, no wardrobe, not much of a lion really@sarahhanner - M'garden in snow messed up by excitable woofer@sjnewton - My garden in the snow. Oh, go on then@yura_toole - My garden in the snow00 @little_mavis Ooh unofficial, no-blog #sundaypics my garden in snow


I’ll continue with the next couple of blogs using the album format, so as to have time available to go back to the usual tedious, mind-meandering, stream-of-consciousness, crapola blogging format that is my normal MO for the Boxing Day #TWANTA. In these albums, I’ll add a bit of snark to the comments on each photo, so do check those out. Here we go…

Ou sont les neiges d’antan? Bloody here, matey.

Recognise this? Check the title bar above.DSC07383




After teasing us for a few days by avoiding our little corner of the North West, snow finally arrived to Ben’s delight.DSC00828 A bright, bright sun failed to warm the air even a tidge,DSC00830  …but it did make the snow sparkle prettily.DSC00831 Warm clothing was de rigeur for humans,DSC00832 …but Ben didn’t give a toss about the temperature.DSC00836 More pics of Ben enjoying the weather….DSC00837 DSC00838 DSC00844

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