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Today’s dogs

IMAG1377You know I do volunteer dog-walking at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, right? Here’s who I took out this morning:

This is Tillie, timid and shy. It took me a while to get her to trust me, but once she did her little legs merrily toddled her along for a while… until she suddenly remembered to be timid again.


Meet Lottie, as in your face happy as Tillie is timid. She’s so delighted with the world, she’s like “Oooh a tree look at the tree! Grass grass grass! Are you my daddy ooh a tree BUTTERFLY!”


And finally I took this chunky lass out. She’s like one of those road-sweeper lorries when she walks: slow, steady, relentless. Her name? Betty Spaghetti.

Oh, and I had a word with Gordon, the trainer. He tells me that Evan has found a working home as a gundog. While I dislike the killing wild creatures aspect, I’m pleased he found somewhere more suited to his boundless energy.

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