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from @sjnewtonYour #SUNDAYPIX theme for tomorrow, 9th November, is one that you chose yourselves, via that poll down there. Go on, scroll down – yes, that one. We’ve done this one before, but that was back in 2011, so it will bear another outing now. “An object from a strange angle” it is, which I have snappily titled


@emmaliptonPhotograph an everyday object from an unusual angle, post your pics to Twitter on Sunday (including the hashtag #sundaypixWTF in your tweet) and see how many people manage to guess what you’ve photographed. As ever, photographs must be yours (or your family’s or your secret lover’s) – nowt just nicked off the internet. Yes, you can post an old pic you’ve previously taken, or even one from your family history. Follow the hashtag (click on it in any tweet or add a column to your app) on Sunday to see what others have made of the theme. You are encouraged, nay ordered, to comment on other Sundaypickers’ tweets and guess the mystery objects.

What the Actual???

Not sure if you’ll remember this theme, but that might be to the good as you’ll have forgotten the answers even if you do. You took photographs of common objects from an unusual angle for others to guess – a bit like in “Ask The Family” when television was steam-driven.

OK, see how many you can recognise, and if anyone bothers to send me their answers, I’ll award a special prize to the person getting the most correct. Hover over each pic to see who sent it.

@alexbrightsmith@ariadnes_web@awesomeorchid-not a laundry basket, here is a pic with an apple to help with perspective@butmadnnw-Aw, what the heck. Here's another@butmadnnw-Here's my #sundaypics. Don't think it's very good@davestaton-taken on yesterday's walk@davidtims-The more I think about it, this one is too easy@dbrereton@dbrereton2@dbrereton3-good game this@dbrereton4-Easy one@dbrereton5-my little girl has had a go now@dbrereton6-second one by my 8 year old@em_and_lola-less obvious I think@em_and_lola-my WTF pic. Probably v obvious but I liked the pic@emmalipton@flylilypad@furry_murray-Almost impossible (I hope). First go at this.  WTF is this@greythorne@harrietkap2@harrietkap3@harrietkap-I have never done this before so I hope it works@hippocrit2@hippocrit-It's more difficult that I thought making them not too easy or too hard. #sundaypics Try this@jimthesg@johnrands_tmtl-I doubt I'm the first to do this today for@judgetread@ladylittleton-Kin yer guess what it is yet, used most days@lardychap-can you guess what it is yet@little_mavis@little_mavis2

@littlemammy-It's not a pig@LucieMR@M4RKM@M4RKM2@mannymunkeh@matcochr-worried that this may be too easy@misterj35@mizzlizwhizz@mizzlizwhizz-Shouldn't be too difficult@mizzlizwhizz-Something I can't live without@och23@och23b@oldmotherriley-It's probably obvious but in case not, I've left a little clue in it.@oldmotherriley-Maybe this is more difficult @oldmotherriley-Or perhaps I can baffle you with this @polly_anonymous@polly_anonymous-Same object from a different angle@princesstidy@princesstidy2@quantumtree1@quantumtree2@quantumtree3@richlieu_uk-Let me lighten my Sunday evening leisure centre sojourn with a #SUNDAYPICS entry@sarahtregear@scullyscully-This one's for mums & older children@simonhurst@sjnewton-If it hasn't already been done, I'm a little behind this morning@snowgirl1972-Might be a bit tricky but here goes@starlitwolf-wtf is it Well, I like it@thetiniestvole@thorn_waite-I should probably clean this - whatever it is@tonihill79@vanishedhippo@vanishedhippo2@vanishedhippo3@yura_toole

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