Free Reads

For your reading pleasure, a collection of stories (and snippets thereof). Enjoy.

A Christmas GiftA Christmas Gift. A letter from the Front, Christmas 1914.

Claustrophobia. In which Santa swears a bit.

Crow and the Unicorn. A complete tale from the piratical anthology ‘Cutthroats and Curses‘, concerning a dodgy unicorn.

Dancing at Whitsun. A short piece about unending love.

FergusFergus. I wrote this odd little tale of an odd little man while sitting at the end of Seatown harbour in Gamrie.

Moss. I made a promise (or maybe a threat) a short while ago to give the rather splendid author Sophie Moss a part in The Raven’s Wing. Here’s a soupçon of her opening scene.

Nativity. The show must go on. Another tale for ‘Tales by the Tree‘.

Red and Gold. A moving story, not BY me this time but written FOR me by Ellie Cooper

Red Christmas. Wherein I besmirch Santa’s reputation.

The Girl Going WHEEEEEEE Downhill. A brief story inspired by my lovely friends Dotty & Liz.

The Raven’s Wing. A brief yet disturbing extract from the new novel, currently being written.

Valentine. A twisted take on Valentine’s Day from ‘Blood on the Ground‘. A love story, of sorts.

Blood on the GroundWhores and French Women. An extract from the title story of ‘Blood on the Ground‘, in which our hero, Rence Corness, is privy to some very personal goings on.

VISDARE TALES – tales of under 150 words written for Angela Goff’s Visdare picture challenge.

DAILY PICSPIRATION – my fortnightly Friday outings on Miranda Gammella’s excellent website.

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