Caveat / Disclaimer

pic by @rosamundi

pic by @rosamundi

The things you’ll find in this blog are solely my own thoughts, opinions, and witterings. They do not reflect the thoughts, opinions, or witterings of anyone else (unless of course I use a direct quote from someone, in which case that quote alone is their thought/opinion/witter). Nothing I say here is paid for, endorsed by, or otherwise reflects the thoughts, opinions, stance, or policy of anybody but me – not the sites I link to, not companies or people I mention, no one and nothing but me. Honestly, just my opinions. Any fault in interpretation of data, articles cited, or other information is mine alone. All endorsement of any thingy is unpaid and exists solely because I think that thingy is brilliant and I wanted you all to know about it.
All photographs are my copyrighted work unless I tell you otherwise. Any videos posted are the copyrighted work of the person who uploaded them to YouTube (unless of course THEY reposted someone else’s video. The point is, I’m not claiming ownership of any video that’s not on my own YouTube channel – and even of those, I only claim ownership of what’s obviously completely my work. Just use your heads).
I don’t make money from this blog or anything posted here and I’m doing it simply because I feel like it.
Your broadband speed may vary. Snapping fingers may not make food appear (this is a Simpsons reference, for those who asked).

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