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“Yes, Wombie,” you say, “I’ve seen your ‘sexy, funny, violent thriller’ and ‘talking animals adventure’ and ‘whatever the hell Cubic Scats is’, but what other books have you spewed out over the years?” Let this page be your guide, delicious reader.

The Raven’s Wing

They say you should follow your dreams. They never tell you what to do when the dreams start following you.
The year is 1322. Minstrel John has enough on his plate with his wife’s funeral. He could do without the naked woman who keeps forcing her way into his dreams, the angel dropping skulls in the village church, the stranger that attacks him for no reason, and the sexy, one-eyed, fire-dancer who is after only one thing – his music. Then there are the voices in his head, compelling him to investigate a mystery that just keeps on growing. Based on a true story, this is not history; this is the 14th century as experienced by those who lived there, and who saw it as the leading edge of time. As John discovers, demons and magic can be very real. A novel by Michael Wombat.

“Fun and funny, chilling and mesmerising, a great story that I was sad to see end.”
“An all-round inspiring tale, thoroughly entertaining and historically informative.”
“Great character development, powerful female characters and believable heroes.”

A Pocketful of Wonders

Cover by Kit Cooper

A tall man stepped quickly into the room and closed the door behind him. He wore dark clothing, and a plastic face mask bearing the queen’s face. “You,” he gestured at me with the gun in his left hand. “Sit on the chair.”
“There’s nowt here to steal,” I said, easing myself into the chair. “My great-aunt has no money, nor any-”
“Shut it,” he said.
“Oi, rude!” Aunt Phil waved her stick at him. “Bloody monarchy! Sod off!”
“You’re her,” the man said. “The White Mouse. Philomena Wake.”
“Please,” I tried. “My aunt is old and frail. Please leave her alone. I think I have about thirty pounds in my wallet, please just-”
“She’s old and frail now, yes,” the man said, “but in 1943 she was a force to be reckoned with.” He turned to face Aunt Phil. “Weren’t you, White Mouse?”

Seven short Michael Wombat stories of wonder and delight that you can slip into your pocket. Short stories by Michael Wombat.

A Pocketful of Surprises

Cover by Kit Cooper“What do you fancy?” said Satan. “How about a nice cake?”
”You said I could have anything I wanted – why would I ask for cake?”
“Who doesn’t like cake?” he smiled. I simply stared into his curiously striking eyes. “Ah well, it was worth a try,” he said. “Go on then, what do you want?”
“I … I don’t know. What’s the catch? Will I have to go to Hell when I die?”
“Only if you want to. It’s quite a nice place, actually.”
“Hell is ‘quite nice’?”
“Oh yes, though all the books are missing the last chapter. Otherwise it’s not unlike one of those woodland holiday villages.”
“Is there wifi?”
“No, Hell has no wifi.”
“I suppose that was a silly q—”
“Look at your face! Of course there’s wifi. Who doesn’t have wifi? That would be ridiculous.”

Eight short tales of surprise and delight that you can slip in your pocket. Short stories by Michael Wombat.

The Museum of White Walls

MOWW KINDLE coverForty-one disparate tales and three short poems of a world askew, with guest appearances by Alex Brightsmith, KJ Collard and Ellie Cooper.

“This is certainly a book.” – Katherine Stephen, freelance proof-reader.
“Have you seen the breadknife anywhere?” – Mary Wombat, current spouse.
“An amuse bouche of beetroot and wild roots.” – Daisy Smith, chef.
“How much was I getting paid for this, again?” – Colleen Watts, starving artist.
“A ream of paper, glued along one edge. Five stars” – Rich Chester, Head Clown, Bobo’s Fun Factory.
“If you want something, this is it.” – Nick Johns, author.

(Honestly, you ask people for a little help providing cover quotes and this is what happens. Idiots). Short stories & novelettes by Michael Wombat.

Human 76

Human 76 - An Unprecedented collection of Post Apocalyptic Stories - Ghabrie“Quiet, you fool! You’re safe now!” Rough hands gripped Ghabrie. A kestrel swooped but Ghabrie could not hear its call. She could hear only Nahria’s shriek. Ghabrie strained to glimpse her little sister through the mass of rebellion warriors and Prometheans. The two sides were withdrawing, both claiming their spoils and retreating. Ghabrie thrashed: kicking, biting, struggling against strong arms that restrained her.
“Nahria, I’ll come for you!” The butt of a rifle thumped the side of her head as her words still echoed across the barren landscape. Ghabrie slipped into an oblivion brought by the hands of her liberators.

Fourteen authors take you on an unprecedented post-apocalyptic journey. Edited by and including stories by Michael Wombat.

Blood on the Ground

8 Blood on the Ground 2aA dozen dollops of whimsy from Michael Wombat, shortlisted author for the HNS Short Story Award 2014. From cowboys to dragons, from hilarity to horror, this cornucopia of diverse adventure will absorb, amuse, thrill and terrify you. You know, I hate writing back cover blurbs. All that snappy ‘Blurbspeak’. This one’s rubbish, isn’t it? “Dollops of whimsy” sounds like the sort of Edwardian novel where nothing happens, and keeps on happening. ‘The Dollops of Whimsy End’, a new novel from Mr. Michael Wombat (not really).”

Suffice to say, you will enjoy the varied stories in this book. Short stories by Michael Wombat.

Cutthroats & Curses: an Anthology of Pirates

Cutthroats & Curses

A rousing collection of 11 wind-powered, piratical short stories from 11 different authors. Join us on the high seas for almost a dozen tales of ribald adventure – many with just a hint of fantasy.
Contributing Authors: Michael Wombat, Lisa Shambrook, Boyd Miles, Marissa Ames, Bryan Taylor, Beth Avery, Matt Jameson, Eric Martell, Michael Walker, Stephen Coltrane, and Alex Brightsmith.

Edited by and including stories by Michael Wombat.

Soul of the Universe: a musical anthology


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato.
Here you will find a collection of six stories by four authors that, at first glance, seem to have little in common. We have Sci Fi Adventure. We have Medieval Fantasy. We have Emotional Drama, and we have Steampunk. We even have a Western. Though each of these stories seems to have little in common with its companions, every one of them shares the same genesis. They were all inspired by that same divine spark that gives the universe purpose. They were all inspired by music.
Each of the authors in this collection took a favourite song as their inspiration and told the story that no one else could hear. The result is an endlessly entertaining collection of well spun yarns , thrilling adventures, and emotionally engaging drama. Edited by and including stories by Michael Wombat.

Moth Girl versus The Bats

AUDIOBOOK read by Matt Thurston

Moth GirlOut of the moonlight they sped in their thousands, swift as death, razor wings glittering in the pale glow of the Wolf Moon. In the frost-shrouded city below, the final toll of the curfew bell faded. Latecomers hurried inside, the hems of their capes whisked through narrowing gaps as doors were slammed, shutters bolted and chimneys blocked. Those without homes huddled in hidden crevices, or burrowed under piles of rubbish as the bats hurtled out of the night sky. A high keening filled the air – whether emitted by the mechanical creatures themselves, or created by their sharp wings slicing the air no one knew – and suddenly the streets were filled with vicious whirling things, shredding anything soft that they happened across: clothing, flags, living flesh. Where do the deadly mechanical bats come from, and what is their purpose? Can songstress Thea use them against their creator to prevent the people of her town being slaughtered? A novella by Michael Wombat.


Fog - CoverAwardVOTED BEST MYSTERY, 2016 #SIBA Book Awards You know how it is. We’ve all experienced it while driving. You suddenly realise that you have no idea where you are, or what your destination is. After a few seconds light dawns and you remember where you are going. But what if light didn’t dawn? What if you continued to know nothing before that moment? You have no idea where you are, who you are, or why a bunch of nutters is trying to kill you. The only thing you know is that you have to run for your life…. Sexy, funny, violent and thrilling, Fog is not so much a Whodunnit as a Whatthehellsgoingon. A novel by Michael Wombat.

Warren Peace

Warren PeaceInfluenced more by Seven Samurai, Zulu and Joss Whedon than by Watership Down, Warren Peace is about a young, nervous rabbit with an easy life…. until the foxes come. With his friends and family’s lives in danger, Cuetip must undertake a perilous journey out into the big world to find help. On the way, he also finds terror, sadness, friendship, cats, hilarity and perhaps most important of all, courage. A novel about talking animals, but definitely not for smaller children, “Warren Peace” will grab both your heart and your funny bone and shake them silly. A novel by Michael Wombat.

Cubic Scats

Cubic ScatsA gathering of rib-provoking and thought-tickling posts from the many blogs of Michael Wombat, featuring a skeuomorphic cover by thrusting young designer Thom White. Includes musings, Oliver Cromwell’s head, fiction, a ghost chicken, oddities, history, a bone-eating snot-flower worm, dreams and yes, recipes. Amazingly, Wombie has also managed to pack over 300 photographs into this little book (and reader, beware: in one he is as naked as if he had no clothes on at all). Why read all these remarkable articles for free on the internet when you can buy them all in this handy, easy-to-read-on-the-bog format? Buy this and save yourself hours of Googling. Essays and articles by Michael Wombat.

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