Why Cubic Scats?

Why is my blog called Cubic Scats? When I created this little home of mine, I innocently thought that everyone would understand the reference, but oh dearie me, no. So for those of you confused by the title (everyone but me, it seems), peruse this photograph:

That there is wombat poo, or ‘scat’. And it’s cubic. NOW do you see? The alternative non-literal interpretation that most of what I write is poo should also not be dismissed.

The photograph was taken by the delectable Alexander Dudley, who tells me that “Wombats are one of the few territorial herbivorous marsupials- and their droppings are used as territorial markers. They deposit their distinctive droppings on high points- rocks, logs, mushrooms etc. so the scent is carried by the wind. The cubic shape of the droppings means that when they are deposited they are less likely to roll off. Watching a wombat take its toilet is remarkably similar to watching an ice-cube maker in action, except the droppings are dark green when fresh.  Wombat droppings are also amongst the driest droppings produced by any mammal”

Alexander takes incredible photographs – do yourself a big favour and visit his pages here –
Wombat Poo Photo
All Alexander’s Galleries

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