Human 76, supporting Water Is Life

Fragments of a Fractured World

Human 76 Cover just the frontLet me tell you a little about the remarkable evolution that took place around Lisa Shambrook’s simple premise of a girl searching for her lost sister. At first, most of our authors simply got on with their own stories, but then slowly, almost organically, a new level of writing began to emerge.

As we all chatted about our progress we began to pick up ideas from each other. We read and commented on each other’s stories as they appeared in draft. We became inspired by our peers, and changed our own work so as to include cool stuff invented by fellow Seventy-Sixers.

Eventually some of our tales intertwined like lovers (Glint and Behind These Walls), while others made passing references to several other stories. One story (Sand) was directly inspired by another (The Oasis). This process of cross-fertilisation led to Ghabrie’s world becoming very real to all of us. Of particular pleasure was the way that characters other than our sibling protagonists took on a life of their own. You’ll fall for KJ Collard’s David, who at first was a simple (though vital) walk-on part in her Sheshwahtay, but grew to have a complex, moving story arc of his own. MS Manz’s Leader causes ripples that even he would find difficult to predict. And Jeff Hollar’s Hieronymous Planck eventually … but let me not spoil the fun. You’ll have to find out about him by reading the book.

So please bear in mind that, yes, Human 76 is a collection of short stories, but oh dear reader, it is also much more than that. It is a single book-length story, a novel made up of novelletes. The saga of Ghabrie, the girl and the myth, and her determination to make her own future in a fractured world.

Image1All proceeds from the book will be donated to the charity Water Is Life, who provide clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need worldwide. The charity fits well the main theme of the anthology: helping those displaced or struggling to survive in a harsh world. WiL is a global charity, reflecting the fact that our authors are scattered all around this small blue planet. Contributing Authors: Alex Brightsmith, Denise Callaway, KJ Collard, Alison DeLuca, Michelle Fox, Rebecca Fyfe, Jeff Hollar, Nick Johns, MS Manz, Julia Rios, Losa Shambrook, KR Smith, Steven Paul Watson, Michael Wombat.

You can buy the PAPERBACK here, and the eBOOK here.

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